Top Five Super Rare Squishmallows List

rare squishmallows list

Here are the top five super rare Squishmallows list. Finding one to buy will be more difficult if there is a limited supply released.

However, their charm comes at a cost – they can be quite pricey! These plush toys have skyrocketed in popularity, thanks to the pandemic and their viral fame on social media, which occurred three years after their initial release.

The ingenious minds at Kelly Toy are the masterminds behind the Squishmallows phenomenon, captivating the world with their irresistibly huggable and squeezable nature.

Remarkably, some collectors have amassed staggering collections of up to 300 Squishmallows, constantly seeking to expand their cherished trove.

Despite originally targeting a younger audience, these Squishmallows have captured the hearts of collectors of all ages, who meticulously curate their collections complete with individual character biographies.

Acquiring certain characters can prove to be quite challenging, adding to the allure of these sought-after treasures.

Rare Squishmallows list

Really rare Squishmallows list

Below is a compilation of the most elusive characters ever discovered. Acquiring one may prove challenging due to limited releases or sudden social media popularity.

1. Jack The Cat

Finding this black cat is not unlucky at all. Less than two hours was all it took for all 500 pieces to disappear after production. A real Jack the Cat proudly wears the “500” gold insignia, sewn into its left ear. 

It might cost collectors up to $2,000 to purchase this cuddly friend. Strong, quiet, and willing to aid if needed, Jack is described as such.

2. Avery The Duck

Avery is a green and brown Mallard duck. His bio describes him as the rugby team’s wingman. Avery reportedly brought $499 at an auction.

3. Fania The Purple Owl

Despite Fania’s current Walmart retail price of $44,99, she bought $2,999 at auction. 

The most expensive Squismallow ever offered for sale is the Purple Owl. According to her biography, Fania is an owl who enjoys reading about royalty and fairytales and dressing up as a princess.

4. Philippe The Frog

From the Valentine Squad is Philippe. The green frog is grinning and has satin pink hearts drawn on his cheeks. 

The most amount paid for him was $999. Philippe enjoys playing hopscotch with his pals. Taking photos of his friends and family is another pastime of his.

5. Blossom The Sheep

For a more comfortable cuddle, this figure has a vanilla fragrance. Blossom is no longer offered in-store and can only be purchased online at Justice.

6. Connor The Cow

Plush Toys made their debut in 2017, and since then, we have released ten snuggle buddies, with Connor being the latest addition.

He is available as a Hug Mee and a member of the 2022 Easter Squad and Harvest Squad. Connor is an athlete and fierce competitor, based on his bio. 

All over the place, he rides his bike, and Cowlifornia is his favorite spot.

Why rare Squishmallows are unique? 

If a Squishmallow is uncommon, it means there are only 75,000 of that particular Squish in the world. 

To obtain one of them, it would be advisable to keep an eye out for a silver tag. 

Refusing to purchase upon release entails waiting for the owners to resell, either at a premium or through an auction.