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Is Rachel Shoaf Married? Separating Fact From Rumor

Is Rachel Shoaf Married? Separating Fact From Rumor
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Rachel Shoaf gained notoriety during her adolescent years when she and her friend Sheila Eddy were convicted of murdering Rachel Shoaf’s best friend Skylar Neese in 2012. 

The murder took place in 2012. Long after it had been closed, people continued to talk about the case recently. 

Rachel has recently garnered further attention because she is married to another inmate while she is serving time for the crime she committed.

The internet is rife with talk surrounding Rachel’s lesbian past about the murder case, even though the facts behind her having a wife are a bit fuzzy. Let’s get to know about it in details whats the scene;

Is Rachel Shoaf married?

It is still being determined whether Rachel is married to a woman, although there have been some non-conforming discussions on Reddit, Twitter, and other social networking websites.

Amy Nicole Cobb is also referred to in some social media messages as if she were Rachel’s spouse. Yet, as there is no official confirmation of the rumour, it is still considered to be untrue.

Rachel’s close friendship with Sheila, which came up during the investigation of the murder, may have awakened some actuality to Rachel’s earlier interest in lesbian relationships. This possibility was brought up when the murder case was being investigated.

The Inside of Notorious Killings

On December 31, 2012, three of the teens who were the closest friends to each other, Rachel, Sheila, and Skylar, stole from their homes, and only two of the three of them came home.

Rachel and Sheila initially denied having committed the crime. They fabricated a story in which they said they had dropped Skylar close to her residence on the evening in question.

More than a month later, Rachel eventually admitted that she and Sheila had stabbed Skylar to death and buried her body in the forests of Pennsylvania. This revelation came as suspicions about the girls got stronger.

Rachel’s response to why the victim was killed was, “We just didn’t like her,” which brings up another critical point.

The confession did not make sense because the three individuals had previously functioned as an inseparable unit, and the investigation into the crime proceeded in a new direction.

Skylar tweeted before the murder case, “just know I know,” which hinted that there was more to the tale than what was being told.

Skylar Neese’s weird Tweet Before Her Murder

After some time, the police found Skylar’s diary, proving that Skylar had seen Rachel and Sheila engaging in personal behaviour.

This revelation may have driven the girls to do the murder, as they may have killed Skylar to hide that they were romantically involved.

Sheila was given a life sentence in prison, and Rachel was given 30 years for their role in the murder, although the motivation has not been determined.

The fact that the parents of the convicted killers failed to provide adequate supervision for their offspring contributed to the case’s negative outcome for them.

Who are Rachel’s Mom and Dad React?

Following the event that brought Rachel to the notice of the public for her crime, the name of her parents also came to the public’s attention.

Patricia Shoaf, Rachel’s mother, and Rusty, her father, are the proud parents of their daughter Rachel. Rachel’s family had a standard income, and Rachel’s parents held down jobs in the middle-class economy: her mother worked in communication while her father managed a clothing business.

Patricia had long since gotten a divorce from her first husband and had now married again. So, Rachel resided in the household of her mother and stepfather.

Where Is Rachel Shoaf?

Rachel, who is 25 years old, was moved to the West Virginia Lake Correctional Facility in Mason County. The same facility is where Rachel’s friend Sheila is doing her sentence.

She was incarcerated at the Northern Regional Juvenile Detention Center in West Virginia before her transfer to the maximum-security facility where she currently resides.

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