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Phenomenal Entrepreneur Jeff Lopes Explains What It Truly Means To Create a Business

Jeff Lopes
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Most of us dream of getting a well-established life with good accommodation or maybe cars but that dream is probably down the line for most of us and certainly not as early as our late teens.

However, there is an example of how a 17-year-old hustler registered his first business and then rose to a height that can honestly be called phenomenal.

All you need to know about Jeff Lopes

Jeff Lopes identifies himself as an entrepreneur, a risk-taker, and a business maker. Jeff has a vast love for building brands and making them into successful businesses.

This passion of his has taken him to entrepreneurial journeys and with each journey, he has gained invaluable experience.

While Jeff has known that it takes a significant amount of work to make any brand up and running, his experiences have taught him an important lesson that values smart work over hard work.

What it truly means to create a business

Digging deeper into this mindset, Jeff explains what it truly means to create businesses.

In his podcast “Jeff Knows Inc.” he aspires to divulge knowledge from his life experiences to the young entrepreneurs for the sake of passing on his legacy to the next generation and to keep his passion alive.

Keeping this in focus, Jeff also imparts some important advice for the new generation of businessmen and businesswomen.

Falling in love with the idea of a business

According to Jeff, one thing which he considers crucial to avoid is to fall in love with the idea of a business.

This flaw can result in losses both financial and motivational as when an idea is not working, the person in love with that idea may tend not to see the faults and not switch to an alternative to save the losses.

Naturally, if an idea which someone keeps close to them, fails, that can be devastating and can shatter the confidence.

As Jeff regales, this also happened to him and that is why he has marked this as the biggest challenge faced by him as an entrepreneur.

Key Accomplishments

While recounting his multiple ventures, the Canadian business highlighted several of his key accomplishments including Kimurawear which is a brand of boxing gloves he created and attributes much of his success to.

Kimurawear started in 2006 and up till now has sold hundreds of thousands of gloves making it an important brand in the industry.

Jeff expanded into property territory in 2014 with the start of True Blue Homes which has now expanded exponentially into vacation homes all over the Northern parts of Ontario, Canada.

A simple lifestyle

Delving into some personal habits, Jeff explains his lifestyle in a very simple way.

For him, work has always been something he loved which was being an entrepreneur.

Due to this, every day he gets up for work. It is something he enjoys making every day filled with fun and excitement.

Jeff also likes to make personal goals and then a process to achieve them.

For Jeff, personal goals are timed at three months giving him enough time to achieve them and leaving him time to move on to other things.

However, Jeff encourages his audience to find a suitable pace and work from there. What remains constant for him is the process to fulfil his goals and to get that feeling of achievement.

A balanced life is a key to Happiness

Jeff is a father of two, living in Toronto with his family. He believes that a balanced life is a key to happiness so he keeps everything organized to make time to spend with his family as well.

Jeff Lopes, as a person who likes to build things, doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. A little-known fact is that Jeff himself renovated the properties he bought for his venture of vacation homes.

He has devoted his life to the pursuit of his passion and using his two decades’ worth of experiences and lessons as a springboard, Jeff propelled himself in life as an accomplished businessman all the while looking out for the rookies and underdogs as a means to give back to the society.

To get in touch with Jeff visit his website so that you can tune into his podcasts directly.