Who is Nancy Shevell? Paul McCartney’s Wife Story

Who is Nancy Shevell

Nancy Shevell is a businesswoman of the United States who is also a former member of the board of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). 

On the other hand, Paul McCartney is a famous English singer, songwriter, and musician in the United States and has gained a worldwide reputation.

Her Career As An Entrepreneurship

Nancy Shevell is an entrepreneur in the United States who is also a former member of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s board of directors (MTA).

She belongs to a very healthy family, as her father -Myron Shevell, was the CEO of New England Motor Freight (NEMF) and earned a huge name in the organization. 

She has a family business, Shevell Group (American Trucker), and currently, Shevell is currently vice president of her business.

She has gained a huge reputation after marrying Paul McCartney, a famous star in the United States, and it has been two decades that they have been together after owning a house in Hamptons, as per the report of Daily Mail.

At the time of owning her house at Hamptons, Shevell tied a knot to Bruce Blakeman, a lawyer. And from Bruce, she has a son named Arlen. 

According to the reports in Daily Mail, Blakeman and the McCartneys interacted with each other socially so much that one of  McCartney’s daughters was nicknamed Shevell Jackie O “for her sense of style and fondness of sunglasses.”

In 2007, After McCartney’s divorce from Heather Mills, on the other hand, Shevell parted ways with her husband, Blakeman,  and after the separation, the two began their romantic story secretly and did not reveal it for long.

According to the pair of friends,  Barbara Walters, she said: “Emotional confidante and played matchmaker, many dinner parties for them and always made sure to include people she knew Paul would like to meet.” 

When Did Paul McCartney Meet Nancy Shevell?

Who is Nancy Shevell?

There is no authentic data about how a famous couple met, but the pair are said to have known each other because they both had lived in the Hamptons and owned their houses separately in the luxury place. 

As per the report, it is stated that the reason how they began their romantic story was due to news anchor Barbara Walters, who is considered to be Shevell’s second cousin and played an essential role officially. 

Barbara is considered one of Nancy Shevel’s emotional confidantes and matchmakers. It can be evaluated by the statement given in the Observer, and she said: “She hosted a number of dinner parties for them, making sure to include people she thought Paul would like a meeting.” 

As per the report, in 2011, the couple announced their engagement, and McCartney presented her with a 1925 Cartier solitaire diamond engagement ring.

After the engagement, they both tied a knot in London’s Old Marylebone Town Hall on October 9, 2011. 

Shevell holds an American nationality and belongs to Christianity. Her father, who was born in New Jersey, had a trucking firm, and she followed in her father’s footsteps and ran her family business.

Shevell preferred to join the family company and eventually become on the board of directors of the Metropolitan Transit Authority, with her consistent work and struggle.

Timeline Of Her Husband’s Relationship 

Paul McCartney has had three captivating partnerships throughout his career. He is considered one of the world’s most renowned musicians. 

In 1969, Paul married Linda Eastman (through the Express), a music photographer, and the couple was blessed with four children: Mary, Stella, James, and Heather, Eastman’s first daughter. And sadly, Eastman died of breast cancer in 1998, and their love story was sadly cut short.

After four years of Eastman’s death, McCartney married former model Heather Mills, and the couple welcomed their daughter, Beatrice, who was born in 2003.

In 2006, it was revealed that the couple separated due to some irreconcilable differences, while their divorce was finalized in 2008. 

The Divorce took media attention, and it was widely reported due to a protracted legal struggle about how much money she would receive from McCartney.

Eventually, he met Nancy Shevell, his third wife. During this tough period, it might be possible throughout the span, she supported McCartney, and he got involved in a romantic relationship with her. The couple began dating in 2007 and eventually married in 2011.

Paul Calls His Wife That ‘She’s multifaceted.’

Who is Nancy Shevell

Paul McCartney, 79, loved his wife massively and confessed in one of the interviews that his signature dance skills were only because of his long-term relationship with Nancy Shevell, who is a 61-year-old businesswoman at present.

He has also written some books. In one of his books, The Lyrics, Paul had written about his wife and how he knew Nancy was a keeper when she matched his intensity on the dancefloor.

‘There’s no denying it, and I genuinely enjoy dancing; it’s something that both my wife Nancy and I are passionate about. We’re always the first ones on the dancefloor after a gig when the band and crew come together for a drink.’ Certain tunes will simply make you want to dance,’ Paul wrote.

Before going to get married, Nancy and Paul met on vacation in Morocco with Paul’s brother Mike, and the musician serenaded her on the hotel piano.

When he made his move, the Beatles star revealed that they weren’t yet formally in a relationship and were sleeping in separate bedrooms.

‘The piano was sitting in the foyer all day, and because the rain wouldn’t stop, I’d go in and just noodle on the keys; I was having all kinds of wonderful thoughts about Nancy while I was at the piano, and I could tell the waiters sweeping up were paying attention, But it was lovely and romantic, and it was the ideal moment, and I said to myself, “We’re not going to do this.” Paul explained

He further writes in his book, ‘If you had to state one word about her, it would be that she’s real,’ he said in his book. When we traveled to the White House, I took a stunning photograph. Nancy and I are speaking with Barack and Michelle Obama, and we’re giggling at something the president said.

‘Nancy seems to be paying a lot of attention. She’s a wonderful person. She’s got a lot of different sides to her.’

He has included 154 songs in his book throughout his entire career, including his time with the Beatles, Wings, and as a solo artist. And also included the lyrics from songs such as Hey Jude, Blackbird, Penny Lane, and Band.