Nabil Riffi: The Man Who Fearlessly Changed His Career and Destiny for The Better


All over the globe, people tend to choose their career fields early on in their lives – mostly in their teens – as they decide which professional degree they want to secure. Be it parental pressure, the need for financial security, or simply a lack of knowledge and exposure, many individuals end up choosing a field they’re not cut out for and realize that later on but are too afraid of changing their path later on as it involves substantial risk. But, as the saying goes, “the higher the risk, the higher the return,” changing a career can change your destiny certainly for the better. Nabil Riffi is a living example of this.

Nabil Riffi is a lawyer by profession and a CEO by passion – that’s right. Nabil did his Bachelor’s and Masters in Law and went on to pursue the same field for quite some time. He was employed as a law trainee at a famous law firm in Belgium and 3 years later, he even started his own law firm. But as fate would have it, Nabil found himself more interested in the management and operations of his firm than the career he was actually pursuing i.e. as a lawyer, and hence he decided to kickstart his career in HR and management.

Nabil left his full-time profession as well as his firm and went onto join a marketing agency, Plus Point Marketing, as an Administrative Director in 2018. His duties included managing the agency (including HR), pitching to potential clients, and dealing with legal issues. Owing to his exceptional management abilities and people skills, he was soon awarded the position of CEO at the same agency in the following year. Currently, he is pursuing the same role successfully. The agency has been thriving under Nabil’s leadership, which is proof of how fit he was for the position. 

As the name suggests, Plus Point Marketing is a marketing agency that specializes in creating and executing effective marketing strategies for all major architects, interior designers, and other construction professionals in Belgium, France, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The agency is popularly known for its flagship event, Plus Point River Cruise, a one-of-its-kind roadshow for producers who get a chance to pitch their innovative ideas and products to architects, interior designers, project developers, and other building decision-makers. This event takes place every year on a cruise ship that moors at 5 different locations in Belgium.

According to Nabil, shifting to an entirely different field is certainly not easy. “I had a successful career as a lawyer, but I did not feel satisfied to my inner core. I still kept going, thinking that I will find the satisfaction soon but that was not the case. I started seeing signs that indicated it is time to take a step. Hence, I decided to explore my options and took the opportunity at Plus Point Marketing as soon as I got it. It turned out to be the best decision of my life,” Nabil says, adding that the key to his successful transition from law to management was confidence. “Had I given up on the belief that I can do it, I would not have actually been able to do it”. 

For Nabil, what matters most is satisfaction and fulfillment at work. He believes that there’s nothing wrong with exploring your options if you do not feel happy with what you are doing currently especially in today’s world, where it is very easy to access resources and learn new skills with the help of technology. “If you believe that you have the knack for something, learn it, and then pursue it with confidence. Even if you fail, at the end of the day, you will have learned something new about yourself.

Nabil Riffi’s confidence and optimism certainly played an important role in his successful career transition. The man is certainly an inspiration for those who wish to pursue a different field that what they are doing currently. Connect with Nabil Riffi through his website or social media today.