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Badaling: The Most Visited And Best Preserved Sector Of The Great Wall Of China

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Great wall of China

You should know that the most visited sector of the Great Wall of China from Beijing is known as Badaling. In fact, most of the trips organized by the agencies take tourists to this area, as in many cases, because it is also the first sector of the Great Wall that was opened to visitors.

When you get to Badaling on the highway from Beijing, the view is really impressive. This sector was built during the Ming dynasty, around 1500, you arrive at the Great Wall tour enclosure through the so-called Badaling Pass and you will find two fortification sections, the East and the West.

Badaling, best-preserved area of ​​the Great Wall of China: The Badaling sector shows us the best-preserved area of ​​the Great Wall of China. Running through a mountainous area between 700 and 1000 meters high, the walls have an average height of seven meters, and in some areas they reach a width of five meters.

The wall was designed with great width to allow for the Great Wall tour of being soldiers on horseback. It is on the east side of the Badaling sector where the Great Wall reaches a greater height, with a watchtower at the top of the mountain.

This section can be climbed using a cable car that leaves visitors in the middle of the mountain.

What areas to visit in Badaling: To make your visit, you have to choose the specific section that you want to travel, as there are two parallel sections that ascend through two different mountain sites.

In the West section, the slope is greater, but you can also reach the watchtowers from which you can have great panoramic views of the Great Wall. Specifically of its East section, which you will see in front, as well as the military enclosure that is at the base of it.

What is the duration of Badaling’s visit? The China tourism of the Great Wall in the Badaling sector can take you between two or three hours, which, due to its good preservation and the width of the wall, is considered the most comfortable area to visit.

It can be seen as an inconvenience that there are many tourists, but we can assure you that in no case prevent you from enjoying this visit and, in addition, the good conservation of the wall ensures really impressive views.

How to go by train to the Great Wall in Badaling: In addition to going on the highway, since August 2008 you can also go by train from Beijing to the Great Wall in Badaling.

To do this you have to take the Beijing Intercity Railway, specifically the S2 line, which connects the North Railway Station of Beijing with the Yanqing station, from which you access the Great Wall in Badaling.

If to make this essential excursion from Beijing, instead of going on your own, you prefer to go with the help of a guide, you can sign up for a guide to the Great Wall of China.

It is an excursion that is done in a private group from three people, for which you have the possibility to choose that which will be the sector of the Great Wall that you want to visit. On China tourism and visiting Badaling you will be accompanied by a guide and it will take you between 8 and 14 hours depending on the chosen sector.

How to get to Badaling from Beijing: The Badaling sector is located 75 kilometers northwest of the city of Beijing, and by car you will arrive in less than one and a half hour.