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The Most Scariest Places To Visit In Your Lifetime (A Spine-Chilling Experience)

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The Most Scariest Places To Visit In Your Lifetime (A Spine-Chilling Experience)

When we plan to set off to travel in order to spend vacations, we mostly think about the beaches, worth seeing places, of having excitement and fun.  But some people forgo these normal activities and they plan to join paranormal activities in order to have a spine chilling experience.

As from early childhood, we`ve been taught the most terrifying tales of the haunted as well as the creepiest places. There are many creepiest places around the globe that can make your skin crawl. These terrifying places can induce paranoia and heavy breathing while visiting them.

We`ve listed the scariest places that you would love to visit once in your life in order to have a blood-curdling and a hair-raising experience.

The Museum of Death-California

The Museum of Death is a museum located in Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles- California. This museum was formed in 1995. This museum covers famous murderers, suicides, serial killers, funerals and all the other rituals that are related to death.

Museum of Death-California

The death related rituals and things will leave you in disguise. This museum displays a variety of art that surrounds the subject of death. There`s a huge collection of artwork from various serial killers, films related to autopsies, original photos of crime victims as well as this museum also has a look-alike of Black Dahlia and there are baby coffins in its one section.

This museum also has one of the original suicidal machines, Thanatron. This Museum is not for the faint hearted ones. But this place is full of horror and thrill.

The Island of the Dolls-Mexico

The Island of the dolls is located in Xochimilco, Mexico. A number of broken and deteriorated dolls are present there as dolls are hanging from trees.  The owner of this Island believed that the dolls help to chase away the evil spirits.

The Island of the Dolls-Mexico

This island has a small museum which contains the newspapers related to this island and to its previous owner. There is a room in the museum where the owner of this island placed his first doll.

Visitors come to worship this doll. But when you walk around the dolls, you can feel that they`re looking at you. This place is absolutely horrible and terrifying.

Hashima Island-Japan

Hashima Island is commonly called Gunkanjima and it is considered to an abandoned island in Southern Japan. This island has a complicated story as when humans left, it`s nature got flourished and buildings started to crumble.

Hashima Island-Japan

It has become the dwelling of souls and spirits. This island has now become a ghost town as the population intervention at Hashima Island is zero.

At Hashima Island you can hear the whispering sounds and can feel paranormal activities when there is no one besides you. This abandoned island is the creepiest to visit in your lifetime.

Villisca Axe Murder House-Lowa

The Villisca axe murders occurred in the town of Villisca in Lowa, where six members of the Moore family with two house guests were murdered. Several suspects were yielded in the investigation but the crime remains unsolved.

Villisca Axe Murder House-Lowa

The victims had severe head wounds and one of them was found lying on the bed, crosswise.  This murder house warns you rather than welcomes. As well as offers you overnight stay and ghost tours.

Paranormal investigators observed some paranormal activities at Villisca Axe Murder House. They heard children`s voices, saw flying objects and moving ladders in this house.

Cecil Hotel-Los Angeles

Cecil Hotel is a budget hotel in Los Angeles. This hotel was constructed in 1924 and it comprises of 600 guest rooms. Cecil Hotel has a checkered history as its history is related to ghost stories, serial killers and to accidental slips from windows.

Cecil Hotel-Los Angeles

This hotel was considered to be the residence of the Night Stalker, a serial killer Richard Ramirez. The hotel is known for its criminal activities including several murders and suicides.