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Most Overrated Tourist Attraction Places In The World

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Travel for the sake of pleasure or for business, it`s all the matter of your personal taste. Around the whole world, there are plenty of destinations that are of worth seeing or to trip the light fantastic. These over-hyped places should be avoided because of pollution, cost, crowds and due to other reasons in order to make your travel experience better. Before going to these captivating places, some tips are going to be discussed here so that you can remove them from your must-see list.

Disneyland California

This theme park is no longer the happiest place on earth, yet it`s now the most expensive place on earth. On the other hand, it is much packed and the accommodation is quite shabby.

In fact, some visitors will even tell you that “Disney sucks” as having a more bitter view of what this park has really turned into and it is turned to be the most expensive place as well. So you should not decide to beat the pavement with Mickey and Minnie to lose your wallet.

Disneyland California

Phuket, Thailand

The food there is great, luxury resorts aplenty as well as the beaches are brilliant of sure but the nightlife in Phuket can be well icky as a sleazy bar after sleazy bar is packed with middle-aged western men and young thai girls or lady-boys.

Ping pong shows aren’t as fun as you think because in the name of a show “travel experience”, the performers are forced to shoot out Ping Pong balls, razors, darts and even a live bird from their body parts which feels more somber than silly.

There are many Elephants in Phuket, but they are often mistreated or abused as both physically and mentally, tourist rides are really damaging on elephants.

The local markets have jacked-up prices, as do the local tuk-tuks, which are usually the cheapest way to get around in Thai cities.

Due to the above-mentioned things, Phuket might not be the paradise you were hoping for.

Phuket, Thailand

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

One of the most overrated city in Europe, Amsterdam. Most of the visitors found this city a bit depressing as the drunk frat guys gawking at the women like they were caged animals and making rude comments.

The other thing of inconvenience there is its bad weather. The weather here is horrible as bad tempers and attitudes.

The streets are dirty, littered as well as nondescript. On the other hand, you can`t get a good meal as there is no diversity in the menu in the whole city.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Being eco-friendly and an oasis of serenity, Copenhagen is a city to be admired. It is the most overrated city among all other cities of the entire world. Visitors found it much expensive and completely doable on a budget. The streets in Copenhagen are torn up everywhere.

This might be one of the few places in the world where you would have to pay $5 or $6 for a pitcher of tap water. The transportation system is also too expensive there. Once you will get there you will not find it as you have heard about it.


Pisa, Italy

To see the Leaning Tower, most of the people go to Pisa. The tower is rather disappointing as the tower doesn’t offer much other than what you have already seen in photos. Most of the people found it like the waste of time. The tower is Jam-packed with tourists which might be one of the things of inconvenience for you.

Except be hounded by the many hawkers who patrol the area, there’s not much to do here. The other bad part of this is that it’s a long journey.

Pisa Tourist Place For Italy


Milan is the second most populous city in Italy and is considered to be one of the most overrated cities. It is found to be so crowded. Some people will harass you trying to put some thread bracelets on your hand while some others will give you seeds to feed the birds.

Visitors found the eating places crowded with lines of people waiting to get a table in Milan. They found fake or commercial ice-cream there, as these things are disappointing if you want to go to Milan.

Milan world tourist place OVERRATED

Venice, Italy

Venice`s Rialto Bridge is crowded with tourists. It`s a must see the overrated city as Italian Princess there, is a very popular destination for honeymooners as well as for everyone who appreciates architecture. Visitors found the daytime population is always overcrowded even during the offseason.

This city is found to be much expensive for the visitors as even a glass of wine and a bottle of water should cost €25 in Italy. The food is found to be over-priced and the worst in all of Italy. The quality of food isn`t found to be that great. There is nothing to do other than walking around and taking photos in this picturesque city.

Venice Italy Overrated Place