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FashionMeet Fashion Designer “Andrea Tankovitz” Wedding Dresses to Fashion Sought

Sarah Olray 3 days ago
Hi Andrea, great to meet you and thanks so much for agreeing to this short interview! First things first, I understand that you went to the Instituto di Moda Burgo which is a fashion college co-founded by Roberto Cavalli, tell us about that, what was this like and how did it impact you? Thank you guys, my pleasure! I’m just so thankful for that school, my teachers, everyone there is so professional and talented themselves....

CultureLifestyleAnthony Rhoades – From Struggle To Success

Chris Morris 1 week ago
Anthony Rhoades is a living example of what someone who is hard working and determined can achieve. He started from the bottom and made his way straight up to the top in the personal training industry. He is known as the celebrity trainer in Miami, working with the likes of David Grutman, Grant Cardone, Rick Ross, Matt Zingler and Steve Aoki. His goal is to touch as many lives as he can, to show everyone...

InterviewsInterview with Stewart Kohl: Co-CEO of The Riverside Company

Sarah Olray 2 weeks ago
Stewart Kohl is Co-CEO of The Riverside Company, a $10 billion global private equity firm focused on investing in the smaller end of the middle market.  Prior to joining The Riverside Company in 1993, Kohl was a vice president of Citicorp Venture Capital, Ltd., the private equity arm of Citibank. Stewart Kohl serves on the board of Oberlin College, the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, and the Board of Trustees of Cleveland Clinic as well...

EM Editors' PicksEntrepreneurshipIgor Montemor Believes Influencer Marketing Is The Future

Sarah Olray 2 weeks ago
A few years ago, social media was mainly used for posting updates and for connecting with people. However, the definition has changed over time. Now, social media is used for many other purposes, such as marketing. One of the main types of social media marketing is influencer marketing, which refers to influencers endorsing a product or company. So who are these influencers? Well, they are just normal people who have built a name for themselves...
Mohit Soni, An Abundant Producer and Future Leading Light of the Industry

BusinessMohit Soni, An Abundant Producer and Future Leading Light of the Industry

All it takes is, a moment to decide and years to pursue. Yes, dreams are not like illustrations, that you can portray in a visual exactly as you perceive them.  It requires passion, struggles, patience, consistency, and of course the confidence. People, who have been crossing or have crossed the paths that lead to their goals knows the struggle very well. Providentially, today we are scripting about a person who has been capturing fame across...
A Young Investor Turned All Grays In To The Hues OF Success

InvestingA Young Investor Turned All Grays In To The Hues OF Success

Garett Polanco, a hard-worker and an ambitious chief investment officer is sowing the seeds of success through his brilliant work. Garett, at an early age, involved in the field of investing now owns several private equity funds. Garett and his team are working in Africa, Thailand, USA, India with many benevolent organizations around the world. Garett and his team very successful and increasingly tactical investors in the world. Garett, in one his interview told how...
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