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FeaturedSmall BusinessLuke Lazarus Advice to Small Businesses and Startups through COVID-19 Pandemic 

Jorge Murphy 1 week ago
The impact of COVID-19 has touched every business and every industry in some way. This global issue has caused companies to either adapt with agility or face closure. In unfamiliar territory, business professionals looked to expert consultants to help them navigate. Luke Lazarus is a mentor for small businesses, offering expert consulting services to startups since 2005. He excels at finding weaknesses and helping companies address issues to be stronger. His blunt and brutal honesty...

FeaturedInterviewsDarien Dash: Why Entrepreneurs Should Always Focus on the Future

Chris Morris 2 weeks ago
Darien Dash is the Managing Director of the Movement Management Advisors, and the Director of Dunkin Donuts Franchise Growth Partners.  Mr. Dash has been a prominent entrepreneur for more than 20 years, first dipping his toes into the business world right out of high school when he formed Dash Records with his cousin in the mid-90s.  Then Darien would go on to create DME Interactive Holdings, which became the first African American owned business that...

BusinessSmall BusinessGrowing a Successful Business? Here Are Useful Tips For You

Chris Morris 2 weeks ago
You might have heard people planning a lot about starting a business, they plan for years and years but never turn their ideas into reality. Whereas some people invest their time, efforts, and money in business still they achieve nothing. You might wonder why some ideas remain ideas and why some businesses are not growing. To execute a business idea, you need to have an eye over the market, future, and your resources. Risk is...

EntrepreneurshipJonathan Gary Sr: Changing The Game For Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Chris Morris 3 weeks ago
In today’s competitive business world, most of us cannot fathom starting our own business. It can be said that each one of us is stuck in a rat race, where all we care about is money and financial stability. For the majority of people, this translates to securing a 9 to 5 (or sometimes even longer) job, earning just enough to sustain themselves and their families. However, some individuals think beyond that. These are the...
Leona Valeria Vatulia – Making Business Easier From Winning A Startup Competition

BusinessSmall BusinessLeona Valeria Vatulia – Making Business Easier From Winning A Startup Competition

The world is becoming more and more complex everyday. Running a business now is 10x more difficult than it was 10 years ago. Customers, suppliers and other business agents are now spread over hundreds of miles and thus, communicating and coordinating between them is a tough task. However, thanks to some applications and programs, you can manage your business while sitting on your couch. An example of such technology is FieldsFlow. About the Company FieldsFlow...
Mohit Soni, An Abundant Producer and Future Leading Light of the Industry

BusinessMohit Soni, An Abundant Producer and Future Leading Light of the Industry

All it takes is, a moment to decide and years to pursue. Yes, dreams are not like illustrations, that you can portray in a visual exactly as you perceive them.  It requires passion, struggles, patience, consistency, and of course the confidence. People, who have been crossing or have crossed the paths that lead to their goals knows the struggle very well. Providentially, today we are scripting about a person who has been capturing fame across...
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