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Social Media Management

EM Editors' PicksLit Vibe – A Platform Every Talented Person Need to know about

Sarah Olray 6 days ago
In these modern times, the world is not a small place for creative or technical people. With endless opportunities on online platforms, a typical 9 to 5 job is simply not what most people are looking forward to anymore. Individuals can especially set their profile as gamers, content creators, creative writers, etc., depending on their specific niche. These individuals are in demand for their services, and today’s social media platforms are competing to provide the...

EntrepreneurshipJeff Halevy CEO of Altis Movement Technologies on Disrupting Aging

Sarah Olray 3 weeks ago
Jeff Halevy is the CEO of Altis Movement Technologies, a venture-backed technology startup that will bring its AI Personal Trainer to consumers in 2021. Jeff Halevy has been bringing his healthy lifestyle message all around the world for nearly a decade, helping people understand how they can take greater control of the way they think, the way they eat, and the way they move. An award-winning entrepreneur and fifteen-year veteran of the health, medical, fitness...

EntrepreneurshipHaroldo Jacobovicz’s Commitment to Service Drives Success at Horizons Telecom

Joanna Taylor 3 weeks ago
As the founder and chairman of multiple telecoms and communications companies, Haroldo Jacobovicz has built a career focused on bringing transformational technologies to the world. Jacobovicz is the founder and chairman of Horizons Telecom and Horizons Datacenter, as well as the founder and CEO of e-Governe Group. From a young age, Jacobovicz has seen the opportunity that technology brings to entrepreneurship. In 1982, he started a company called Microsystem with three friends while still in...

InterviewsA Conversation with Moby Kazmi – President of CoPilot Provider Support Services

Sarah Olray 1 month ago
We recently had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Moby Kazmi, the President and Co-founder of CoPilot Provider Support Services, LLC, a leading provider of technologically advanced patient access services for the life-sciences industry. CoPilot was formed in 2010 for the purpose of providing innovative, patient-centric hub and market-access services to manufacturers. Through partnerships with those manufacturers, we design customizable solutions that improve productivity and reduce administrative costs, while improving pull-through. CoPilot has developed a...
Club Fundraising: Raising Money Made Easier and Hassle-free

InvestingMarketsClub Fundraising: Raising Money Made Easier and Hassle-free

Are you ready to make money? You might be struggling with the idea of what to do for your next fundraiser. Are you stuck and stressed about what to do next? Or you have a very high goal to reach and you just are not certain how to get there? Whether you’re planning to try to raise money for a nonprofit, club, or your business, there’s a lot of burden on you to discover the...
Growing a Successful Business? Here Are Useful Tips For You

BusinessSmall BusinessGrowing a Successful Business? Here Are Useful Tips For You

You might have heard people planning a lot about starting a business, they plan for years and years but never turn their ideas into reality. Whereas some people invest their time, efforts, and money in business still they achieve nothing. You might wonder why some ideas remain ideas and why some businesses are not growing. To execute a business idea, you need to have an eye over the market, future, and your resources. Risk is...
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