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Social Media Management

EM Editors' PicksJason Capital on the Future of Work and Finding and Motivating Top Talent

Sarah Olray 4 weeks ago
We are very excited to have the chance to interview Jason Capital, a best-selling author, premier high-income expert, and one of the most celebrated young entrepreneurs in the U.S. Jason Capital has been a coach and consultant to Fortune 500 executives, professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities. His powerful and inspiring book, Higher Status: The New Science of Success and Achievement, was a huge hit and led Roy Jones Jr., seven-time boxing champion and ESPY Boxer...

TechnologyHow to Use TikTok for Your Business

Deborah J Clawson 4 weeks ago
In light of the pandemic, people have been turning to mobile apps — whether to shop for groceries, keep in touch with friends, or stay entertained. TikTok is one such app that has seen a meteoric rise as of late. In fact, an App Annie representative reports that TikTok has reached an average of 53.5 million weekly users in the U.S. in 2020 — a whooping 75% increase from the start of the year. The user-friendliness of...

EM Editors' PicksEric Ashman – Innovation Accounting and Surviving a Crisis

Sarah Olray 1 month ago
Eric Ashman is the founder of Bothered Mind Advisors and a member of the advisory board of EforAll Roxbury. Previously, Ashman served as the President of Group Nine Media, one of the world’s largest digital-first media companies, the President and CFO of Thrillist Media Group, and the CFO of The Huffington Post up through the sale of the company to AOL in 2011. Ashman was also an advisor to Lerer Hippeau Ventures and has taught...

EntrepreneurshipJesse Willms and the Value of Social Media Data for Entrepreneurs

Joanna Taylor 1 month ago
By many accounts, creating a successful business is as much about knowing your customer base as it is about knowing your product. That’s why many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs place a heavy emphasis on the power of social media data. To better understand this concept, we’ve turned to information from influential e-commerce entrepreneur Jesse Willms. The below information from the business leader should provide a more complete picture of how to utilize this...
Club Fundraising: Raising Money Made Easier and Hassle-free

InvestingMarketsClub Fundraising: Raising Money Made Easier and Hassle-free

Are you ready to make money? You might be struggling with the idea of what to do for your next fundraiser. Are you stuck and stressed about what to do next? Or you have a very high goal to reach and you just are not certain how to get there? Whether you’re planning to try to raise money for a nonprofit, club, or your business, there’s a lot of burden on you to discover the...
Growing a Successful Business? Here Are Useful Tips For You

BusinessSmall BusinessGrowing a Successful Business? Here Are Useful Tips For You

You might have heard people planning a lot about starting a business, they plan for years and years but never turn their ideas into reality. Whereas some people invest their time, efforts, and money in business still they achieve nothing. You might wonder why some ideas remain ideas and why some businesses are not growing. To execute a business idea, you need to have an eye over the market, future, and your resources. Risk is...
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