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Social Media Management

EM Editors' PicksMeet Jennifer Garcia – An Individual Who Will Change Your Perspective Towards Life 

Sarah Olray 2 weeks ago
Our culture is what defines most of us. Unfortunately, ever since we are born, we are told to follow certain societal norms and are burdened with expectations – so much so that life becomes a rat race for us. Those who dare to speak up against this crime, they are considered dramatic individuals and are constantly judged on anything they say or do. Although such intimidation shatters the confidence of many such individuals, Jennifer Gracia...

TechnologyHow SMEs Can Protect Themselves From Cyber Attacks

Jorge Murphy 3 weeks ago
Being victimized by cyber criminals even once can be detrimental for SMEs. Statistics cited by CNBC indicate that 43% of online attacks are directed at small businesses, with only 14% having the necessary precautions. Furthermore, data breaches or hacks cost an average of $200,000 regardless of the size of the business. According to experts at Hiscox, 60% of these businesses fold within six months of an attack. With that in mind, these are two of the...

EntrepreneurshipPhenomenal Entrepreneur Jeff Lopes Explains What It Truly Means To Create a Business

Sarah Olray 3 weeks ago
Most of us dream of getting a well-established life with good accommodation or maybe cars but that dream is probably down the line for most of us and certainly not as early as our late teens. However, there is an example of how a 17-year-old hustler registered his first business and then rose to a height that can honestly be called phenomenal. All you need to know about Jeff Lopes Jeff Lopes identifies himself as...

EM Editors' PicksHow Boss Beez Talks About Reaching To New Heights Of Success At A Very Young Age

Chris Morris 4 weeks ago
Bryan “Boss Beez” Pharaon. Founder and CEO of independent management label, Morality Music was born in Haiti, 1997, being raised by a wise woman who taught him and his older brother and his younger brother the meaning of a stronger work ethic and encouraging and teaching the importance of success, came to America in the summer of 2005. Being very fond of music and believing that through the music he can deliver his message and...
Growing a Successful Business? Here Are Useful Tips For You

BusinessSmall BusinessGrowing a Successful Business? Here Are Useful Tips For You

You might have heard people planning a lot about starting a business, they plan for years and years but never turn their ideas into reality. Whereas some people invest their time, efforts, and money in business still they achieve nothing. You might wonder why some ideas remain ideas and why some businesses are not growing. To execute a business idea, you need to have an eye over the market, future, and your resources. Risk is...
Say Good-Bye to Arduous Carrier Service Hunting Processes

BusinessFeaturedSay Good-Bye to Arduous Carrier Service Hunting Processes

For an efficient work system for the supply chain department of manufacturers, importers, exporters, and suppliers carrier and logistics planning is like a backbone. If your company`s major operations work on drop shipping or distribution the importance of an adequate carrier system doubles up. A Common Market Problem: Commonly companies give an advertisement to hunt a suitable carrier service. After multiple interviews, two to five companies are shortlisted. Then come to the phase of quotation...
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