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EntrepreneurshipMarco Vinicio Vargas: Talks About The Importance of AI

Joanna Taylor 2 days ago
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science concerned with building smart programs and machines which have the ability to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. In today’s world, AI has become a crucial part of our daily lives. Be it a simple Google search, or a more complex task like coding, AI is present everywhere. There are several ways in which AI can be classified. Usually, experts classify into two categories: weak...

FeaturedTechnologyMighty Watts: Bringing the Much Needed Change in Energy Sector

Sarah Olray 7 days ago
The world is progressing, but at the same time, our non-renewable resources, such as fossil fuels, are depleting. Currently, over 11 billion tonnes of oil from fossil fuels are consumed globally and if we carry on at this rate, we will (most likely) run out of this fuel in just over 53 years. With the rising population and the need for oil, we have a strong reason to believe that these fuels might not last...

FeaturedInterviewsInterview with Eiko Kitagawa: Empowering Women in Health

Sarah Olray 2 weeks ago
Eiko Kitagawa is a founder of a health focused initiative called Earthly Harmony aiming to help people take care of their physical health as well as mental wellbeing. Thank you so much for joining us! Can you share with us a personal story or a struggle that inspired you to start this initiative? I began my journey in 2017 by working as a clay therapist. While clay is still a niche topic in Japan I...

EntrepreneurshipFeaturedRohan Gurram: Founder of ColdStart Talks About Business Growth

Martin Moore 3 weeks ago
College students, especially those at elite universities, are starting new businesses at rapid rates in an attempt to positively impact the world. Many of these startups include a development team that focuses on implementing AI and machine learning into their products. Rohan Gurram, a junior at Yale University, is surrounded by several students trying to establish tech-based startups. However, he noticed many of the ideas were abandoned after a few months. In fact, in his...
A Young Investor Turned All Grays In To The Hues OF Success

InvestingA Young Investor Turned All Grays In To The Hues OF Success

Garett Polanco, a hard-worker and an ambitious chief investment officer is sowing the seeds of success through his brilliant work. Garett, at an early age, involved in the field of investing now owns several private equity funds. Garett and his team are working in Africa, Thailand, USA, India with many benevolent organizations around the world. Garett and his team very successful and increasingly tactical investors in the world. Garett, in one his interview told how...
Amazon Tele-Series: Here Are The Benefits Of Being ‘Amazon Prime’

Review & ScoreAmazon Tele-Series: Here Are The Benefits Of Being ‘Amazon Prime’

Amazon Prime Video comes with great news in series.  Amazon is a global shopping giant which is already known by everyone, but that it offers an impressive catalog of audiovisual productions, perhaps not so much known by the majority. And that’s what you’re missing if you’re not from Amazon Prime because Jeff Bezos’ company has announced the production of more than 20 new television series that will be available to everyone. The Amazon Prime Series will be produced...
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