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EM Editors' PicksOrganizing Office: The KonMari System To Effectively Arrange

Deborah J Clawson 4 hours ago
Organizing office might seem simple but the process requires months of work and a high dose of patience. The method is called KonMari, an adaptation of the proper name of the author of “The Magic of Order”, Marie Kondo, who Time magazine includes among the 100 most influential people in the world.  Nearly 4 million readers from 30 countries have bought the Japanese author’s book, a country where houses tend to be small and where...

EntrepreneurshipInterviewsHow a 20-year-old Entrepreneur Started a Clothing Business Out of His College Dorm Room

Sarah Olray 23 hours ago
We have heard of many young entrepreneurs who start businesses early in life. They balance school with their company and prioritize their business ventures over their social life. Such people are always an inspiration for the coming generations of entrepreneurs. Ilan Orgel, a rising junior, studying Finance at the University of Maryland, created Fusion100 out of his college dorm room.  Fusion100 is a lifestyle clothing brand that Orgel founded in July of 2019. Below is...

InterviewsBoris Brekalo: Author, Speaker & Global Strategic Interventionist

Sarah Olray 1 week ago
Boris Brekalo is a bestselling author, speaker and global strategic interventionist. With more than 19 years of experience in team leadership, entrepreneurship, F&B, to various Industries he is the expert when it comes to success and joy in life and business. Before starting his current coaching and consulting business he was helping customers in various Industries build resilient, scalable, secure, and cost-effective applications and create innovative business ideas in the US and Europe. In his...

EM Editors' PicksAddicted to Success – Mike Majlak on Drug Addiction and Recovery

Lauren S Berger 1 week ago
After a misspent youth dabbling in drugs, Mike Majlak eventually became a full-blown opioid addict. As he embarked on a dark journey that would consume his life, he began to lose hope that things would ever get better. His life spiraled out of control with the only certain outcome being death. From the depths of despair, Mike somehow defied all odds and turned his life around. Now he is a successful online influencer followed by...
Mohit Soni, An Abundant Producer and Future Leading Light of the Industry

BusinessMohit Soni, An Abundant Producer and Future Leading Light of the Industry

All it takes is, a moment to decide and years to pursue. Yes, dreams are not like illustrations, that you can portray in a visual exactly as you perceive them.  It requires passion, struggles, patience, consistency, and of course the confidence. People, who have been crossing or have crossed the paths that lead to their goals knows the struggle very well. Providentially, today we are scripting about a person who has been capturing fame across...
A Young Investor Turned All Grays In To The Hues OF Success

InvestingA Young Investor Turned All Grays In To The Hues OF Success

Garett Polanco, a hard-worker and an ambitious chief investment officer is sowing the seeds of success through his brilliant work. Garett, at an early age, involved in the field of investing now owns several private equity funds. Garett and his team are working in Africa, Thailand, USA, India with many benevolent organizations around the world. Garett and his team very successful and increasingly tactical investors in the world. Garett, in one his interview told how...
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