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Milande David – The Beauty Industry’s Booming Beauty

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Milande David – The Beauty Industry’s Booming Beauty

Following trends and creating businesses accordingly is a very profitable approach for any entrepreneur but having the vision to recognize the gaps and filling in those niches is truly the sign of a visionary and that is exactly what Milande David has accomplished. In this current era of the boom in the cosmetic product market where people are learning to appreciate themselves and celebrating life, Milande has made sure that no one gets left behind. Through her various business outlets, she has broken the norms and is providing top tier services and products to everyone and anyone interested. Along with her unique mobile hair salon, she has designed lipsticks especially for colored women but the rich shades look equally fabulous on all women.

Milande has always been a person who has been attracted to the idea of being an independent person. Beginning from her early years where she sold potato chips and candy bars to now being a successful business owner in the world of glamour. Her determination and willingness to be her own person has made her into an icon widely followed by the masses and a true inspiration.

Celebrity Glam Squad

Milande started out her career as an entrepreneur when she launched Celebrity Glam Squad in 2009. Celebrity Glam Squad was a successful mobile hair salon where anyone could request services and receive a celebrity makeover in the comfort of their home, workplace or even at a private event! The licensed beauticians of the mobile salon were already in high demand as their clienteles included top names from TV shows like “America’s Next Top Models”, “Basketball Wives”, Vivica A. Fox, Alison Hinds and pageant beauty queens to name a few. These glam dolls worked on the set of countless music videos, commercials, fashion shows and more.

Milande David
Milande David, Owner Of Alexander Pierre Lipsticks

Celebrity Glam Squad’s services comprised everything from simple to glamourous makeovers that included a limo for the day. Our favorite “Divorce Party” service was a unique service that really helped women who were struggling with divorce and were having issues with their confidence and self-esteem. To celebrate freedom, the package included a life coach along with beauty, shopping and spa therapy. Milande is a staunch supporter of the phrase “if you look good, you feel good”. But soon her husband was diagnosed with cancer so she closed her business to focus on family. She prioritized family over her dreams but this would prove to most certainly not be the end of this determined spirit.

Alexander Pierre

As a woman of priorities with family on the very top of the list, Milande had to step away from the world of glamour and her success for a brief hiatus when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. But after that crisis was averted and her husband nursed back to health, Milande jumped back into the frenzy of being a business owner and a successful one at that.

Her brand Alexander Pierre is a relatively new addition to her list of credits and is already very widely acknowledged. Being the keen entrepreneur that she is, Milande wanted to bring a product which would truly compliment dark skin tones and enhance the beauty of these women. She introduced a rich and luxurious color palette for her lipsticks and made them available to the masses to compliment the beauty of women around the globe.


Milande has also done considerable work, philanthropically. She and her team sponsored an event, Hope for Haiti Gala in 2011, which took place at Player’s Exotic Car Rental, Miami, for the Haiti earthquake victims of 2010. The event was filled with glamour and very well organized for a good experience all around. Prominent designers, models and one of the most spectacular Djs of Miami took part in the event to lend their expertise in making the event extraordinary.

All the proceeds of the event went to The Haiti Cherie Heritage Foundation, an organization which worked tirelessly to provide relief to the victims.  Milande has also been the director of Miss Earth Tampa pageant in 2011. This pageant is the world’s 4th largest beauty pageant which also provides awareness about the earth and its environment and has been playing a key role in lobbying for saving the earth.

Milande David has proven time and time again to be a resourceful woman the way she has navigated all the obstacles she has faced and become a beaming example of success especially for the young women who want to become an entrepreneur themselves. Her efforts are a testament that hard work and diligence can accomplish any aim and reach any goal. It can be safely said that Milande is not going anywhere anytime soon and her innovativeness and business acumen is bound to show up in new avenues and in her new products.