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Mighty Watts: Bringing the Much Needed Change in Energy Sector

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The world is progressing, but at the same time, our non-renewable resources, such as fossil fuels, are depleting. Currently, over 11 billion tonnes of oil from fossil fuels are consumed globally and if we carry on at this rate, we will (most likely) run out of this fuel in just over 53 years. With the rising population and the need for oil, we have a strong reason to believe that these fuels might not last for 50 years even.

These resources are also becoming more and more expensive; resulting in higher fuel and electricity prices. What makes it worse is that this increase in fuel prices causes inflation i.e. an overall increase in the price index of all goods and services, as it has a multiplier effect. This, combined with the scarcity, makes it a global issue – which is more like a global crisis.

Roger Phillips
Roger Phillips, Founder of Mighty Watts

Owing to the urgency of this issue, many organizations and individuals are now shifting towards more affordable and better alternatives. These include solar power, hydroelectric power and wind power. People are now installing solar panels in their homes and offices, and even the goods being produced nowadays are more focused on lesser fuel consumption. A prime example of this is hybrid cars, that run partly on batteries and partly on fuel.

Although these resources are infinite in supply, the problem with these resources is that their setup and power generation cost is too high, and it requires a lot of space. This is true for all renewable resources, except for solar energy. As a result, solar energy is mainly used for electricity and power generation at individual office or household level.

Solar power generation requires an ample amount of sunlight, which means that if sunlight is not available, power generation is not possible. In such a case, wind turbines come in handy, but they are enormous in size and cannot be used on a small-scale. This is what Mighty Watts aims to change.

Wind Turbine

Founded by Roger Philips, Mighty Watts is a small startup that has recently come into the spotlight with its unique invention called Highly Efficient Wind Generator. This is a small wind turbine that allows households and offices to generate enough electricity to power the whole building (depending upon the wind pressure).

Here is how it works: by forcing the wind into a smaller area, the turbine increases the wind speed. As a result – this doubling in speed – leads to eight times more power generation. Unlike conventional wind power generators that have no way to increase the velocity, the Highly Efficient Wind Generator increases velocity no matter what the wind direction is. Moreover, by placing a cone in the middle of a somewhat larger surface area diffusing the wind away from the center and through the smaller turbine blade access area located at the outer parameters, the wind generator benefits from velocity and leverage, which leads to greater power production.

Another technology that is used in this Highly Efficient Wind Generator is a Venturi. Placed right behind the turbine blades, the Venturi takes the wind from the outside that is traveling at a higher speed and forces it through a smaller area. As a result, the wind speed increases behind the turbine blades and eliminates the resistance. The compressed wind from the Venturi and from behind the turbine blades will decompress in the reverse cone of the Venturi, filling the low pressure pocket that would normally occur, and returning the wind to the same speed at which it entered the unit – no low pressure pocket and no turbulence.

Mighty Watts has definitely brought a revolution in the renewable energy sector. For more information, visit their website: www.mightwatts.com