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Meet Amarah Dean: A Girl From Renowned Family Of America

Meet Amarah Dean A Girl Family Of America
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Amarah Dean is the daughter of the well-known American actress Alex Martin. 

Moreover, she is the granddaughter of Whoopi Goldberg, known for her work as a television personality, actress, and comedian. 

Aside from that, Amara is a contentedly married woman who is the mother of a girl.

Amarah is currently playing the role of a mother, and she is devoted to the education of her children. Amarah also rose to notoriety because her parents were well-known figures in the community. 

Let’s get to know about her in details;

Meet Amarah Dean A Girl From Renowned Family Of America

Quick Facts

Full Name Amarah Dean
Date of Birth 13 Nov 1989
Age 34
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed(Black)
Profession Painting Artist
Husband Christopher Burr Reynaud
Networth $4 Million
Children 1 Daughter (Charlie Rose)
Married in 2013

Amarah Dean Net Worth

The amount of money Amarah Dean makes from her career must be disclosed, although it is sufficient. 

Because her mother was a public figure, Dean has led a privileged existence ever since she was a youngster and has frequently been the subject of media attention.

But, because Amarah has yet to disclose her primary career or main source of income, the amount of money she has in her net worth is still a mystery. 

She has a net worth of approximately $4 million and often talks about her mother.

Professional Life

Amarah Dean has yet to disclose what she does for a living and is only occasionally seen attending public events. Despite this, Dean appeared at several functions, and award shows besides her mother.

On the internet, there is a depressingly scant amount of information to be found regarding Amarah. 

She is better renowned for being the famous child of Alex Martin than for the same occupation that she holds. 

Her roles as a Classroom youngster in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, Maria in Weird as Angels, Hugh in American Intellectuals, Mannerjay’s Scribe in Quest of the Delta Knights, and many others have made Alex, Dean’s mother, famous.

Amarah Dean’s father, Bernard Dean, is likewise a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and a film producer. 

In addition to his role as a co-founder of CAA Ron Meyer, Barnard served as president of COO Universal Studios during his career.

Relationship Status: Amarah Dean Husband

According to Amarah’s intimate life details, she is a married woman who enjoys a fulfilling marriage.

Chris is her husband’s name if you must know. In 2013, the pair tied the knot in front of close family and friends in a low-key ceremony. 

After spending some time getting to know one another, the couple started dating in the year 2012. After a year of dating, the couple finally tied the knot before their loved ones and close friends. 

Soon after the couple tied the knot, they were blessed with a child who they called Charlie Rose. In the year 2014, the month of March saw the arrival of Charlie into the world.


Amara is being investigated on the suspicion that she gave birth to Amarah Dean child without being aware of the identity of her child’s biological father.

Yet, by exposing the identity of her spouse, she was able to put an end to the rumours and suspicions that had been floating around. 

She makes it clear that she is unhappy with the rumours being spread.

Dean devotes most of her time to her friendships outside of the context of her marriage. When we look through her social media account, we see several images of her friends celebrating and having a good time in her life. 

It appears that she is enjoying herself as she spends time with her family and friends.

Amarah Father: Dean Bernards 

Dean Bernard is a passionate film producer in the USA. Ron Meyer founded and ran CAA. He became famous after marrying Hollywood star Alex Martin. 

Bernard was born early on October 9th. His photos suggest he was born in the early 1970s.

His dark brown hair and eyes indicate he is black. US citizenship is possible. Alex and Bernard have been married three times and divorced twice, making their marriage strange.

His first marriage was in the 1990s, and his last was in 2011.

Bernard Dean is difficult. He struggled to maintain family harmony. Thankfully, the issue causing his roller-coaster life has been remedied.

It may be worth $1 million. He loves film. He’s also Coo Universal Studio’s president.

He gave his boys and daughter many memories. He produces films despite this.

Mother Alex Martin’s name is Amarah Dean.

Alex Martin, her mother, was brought into the world on May 9th, 1973. She is well-known in the film industry for her work as a film producer, actor, and businesswoman. In 1993, Amarah debuted in Sister Act 2, which began her acting career. 

She also appeared in a significant number of films. Her most notable films include “Quest of the Delta Knights” and “Call Me,” among others.

Moreover, the title of Miss Golden Globe was bestowed upon Alex Martin in 1994. She has three children and married the American film producer Bernard Dean.

According to some accounts, Alex was just 16 years old when she had her first child. Amarah Dean was the first child born, and she was a girl. When some time passed, she gave birth to two more children.

Is Whoopi Goldberg related to Amarah Dean?

Whoopi Goldberg, Amarah Dean’s grandma, moved to California in 1974 and has lived in cities including Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco since then. 

Amarah Dean is Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter. She developed her acting skills during this period and became a stand-up comedian.

 Amarah also improved her acting skills. Her breakthrough performance was a one-woman show in which she portrayed the comedienne, Mos Mabley. 

She was honoured with a prize for the same thing. The artist conceived and performed the one-woman performance “The Spook Show” in 1983. She also supervised the production. 

The show took a fresh and creative approach to the age-old topic of racism in the United States. 

The audience had a great time watching the show. As a result of the success of “The Spook Show,” she went on to create several works that were performed off-Broadway. 

These include “Little Girl,” which is about a young African-American girl who is obsessed with having blond hair, and “Fontaine,” which is about an addict who has a degree in literature.

1994 marked a watershed moment for the actress, as it was the first time an African-American woman had hosted the Academy Awards. 

She repeated the action in 1996, 1999, and 2002 respectively. In addition to her acting career, she has tried her hand at writing. 

She and a ghostwriter named Daniel Paisner collaborated on the novel titled “Book.” It was a collection of short stories that included thoughts and points of view. 

Goldberg hosted the morning radio talk and entertainment show ‘Wake Up With Whoopi,’ syndicated nationally from August 2006 until March 2008 from August 2006 to March 2008.

Amarah Dean age

As of 2023 she is 34 years old. 

Amarah Dean height and weight

She is 5 feet and 11 inches, and she has 75 kg. It could be up and down according to her situational eating habit. 

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