May Zaki: Helping Women Transform Their Bodies and Lives for The Better

May Zaki

Diets have been long associated with losing weight. Although diets are not gender-specific, this topic is of particular interest to women as they are under constant pressure to look good and stay healthy, and we are all aware that this means maintaining the right weight and physique. There are hundreds – if not thousands – of diet plans available out there, yet most women still struggle to find one that has long-term results. May Zaki has come up with the right solution for such ladies.

May Zaki is a body transformation expert, life coach, and nutritional professional based in Sydney, Australia. Her journey began shortly after she got married and had kids. Like many other women, May’s life became all about taking care of her family and household, and it was not until a few years later that she realized that in midst of all this, she completely forgot to take out time for herself. This is when she embarked on her journey of self-care, which began with one of those “yo-yo diets”.

Although the diet did not show any positive results, May discovered a non-dieting approach in the process which benefitted her greatly – and that is how her company, “Rashaqa by May” came into being. Through this venture, May aims to help open-minded Muslim mums in effortlessly achieve their dream bodies and break the cycle of yo-yo diets using her special 5R formula. With her years’ worth of experience, May has helped several women lose weight permanently without any crash diets or harmful side effects.

Currently, May is also a member of the two international organizations, Global Weight Management Federation and the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists. According to May, being a part of these organizations has helped her gain exposure and a tremendous amount of knowledge related to weight loss and maintenance. Besides this, it has also helped her strengthen her network and connect with new clients as well.

Although May has managed to bag a number of achievements in such a short period of time, her most recent – and also most important – achievement is becoming an author with the launch of her book named Mind over Tummy: How to finally win that battle with the scale. In this book, May has shared whatever she has learned over the years working as a professional health coach, her infamous “no-diet” approach that has proven to be beneficial for all of her clients, a detailed explanation of how to lose weight without any strict diets or weight loss plans, and most importantly, how to enjoy life while working towards fit and beautiful body at the same time.

In short, it is a comprehensive book that also talks about May’s personal weight loss journey, which can be a source of inspiration for many. When speaking about the book, May said, “I have dedicated this book to each and every woman who is struggling to lose weight but is not willing to give up. I know how hard it can be to achieve that perfect body and how demotivating it is when you spend a substantial amount of effort and money on different diet plans that show no results. This book is basically a simple and affordable method of losing weight permanently, formulated especially for such women”.

There is no doubt that shedding those extra pounds permanently can be very difficult, but May Zaki has proved that it is not impossible either. Her dedication towards helping women struggling with weight issues is truly commendable and deserves all the appreciation. You can connect with May Zaki through her website and purchase her book on Amazon.