Matt Brodersen Faces Backlash for Selling Belongings on eBay

Matt Brodersen Faces Backlash for Selling Belongings on eBay

After his famous pastor grandfather passed away, Matt Brodersen was angry for trying to sell his granddad’s things on eBay.

The young YouTuber doesn’t feel bad about it, which has made people even more upset.

In a video many people didn’t like, Brodersen says he got some of his grandfather’s things when family members were allowed to take a few items after he died. 

He chose clothes, small decorations, a portrait, and a pocket watch.

People have bid up to $1,225 for the portrait of the 90-year-old pastor and at least $830 for the pocket watch.

Matt Brodersen grandfather, Pastor Charles Stanley, was well-known and respected. He had a big church in Atlanta, wrote many books, and was on TV and radio shows.

Brodersen admits it was strange to go through his grandfather’s things, but he kept some special items, like a passport. Still, his choice to sell other stuff on eBay has made many unhappy.

Many have said they’re disappointed and angry, accusing Brodersen of not showing respect and not being honest.

Matt Brodersen says he wants to sell the items so his grandfather’s fans can have something that belonged to him. He even promises to add extra items, like a coin collection, for the people who bid the most.

Despite all the angry comments, Brodersen still wants to sell the items: “I’m a person who needs to pay bills, and you know how the economy is. So no, I don’t really feel bad about selling his stuff… and whoever wins will help me pay my bills, which I really need right now.”

The eBay page also explains Brodersen’s actions, saying that family members were allowed to take some things after his grandfather died.

Even though many of his grandfather’s fans are sad and disappointed, Brodersen plans to keep the auction going.

How old is Matt Brodersen?

Considering that Matt Brodersen is a young adult, how old might he be? As we predict, He looks 20 years old.

Do you think Matt Brodersen is doing the right thing, or should he have treated his grandfather’s things differently?