Latest Update On Maria Stephanos Brain Tumor

Maria Stephanos brain tumor

Maria Stephanos brain tumor caused her huge trouble during work in the studios. 

She started listing other abnormalities she’d experienced, such as slurred speech, dizziness when she stood up between broadcast segments and daily migraines on set. 

Everything clicked in her head as she described her symptoms to the physician.

She is a natural speaker who concentrates on the genuine care and interest of her regular audiences, viewers, and admirers while expressing her daring opinions from the bottom of her heart.

As a fantastic professional media magnet, she is incredibly appreciative that her admirers adore her sincere voice and updates on a wide range of issues and concerns.

Maria Stephanos brain tumor

As of 2023, Maria’s condition is unknown to the general public. But when she was three years old, she had a stroke, from which she recovered.

2019, Maria experienced a fainting episode in the studio. As per her husband Dale, she had already completed a five-kilometer run that morning before starting her shift.

On the way to the Dedham studio, he disclosed, she had called him from her car, informing him that she was feeling “disoriented, nauseous, and she felt like she was going to pass out.”

She said to him that she “couldn’t feel her hands.” He added, “She eventually arrived at FOX, dropped, and they called 911, but she was unable to pull over due to all the construction. “

Maria was revived almost immediately after an IV was inserted.

Who is Maria Stephanos?

American media personality Maria Stephanos co-anchors NewsCenter 5 with Ed Harding and chief meteorologist Harvey Leonard at 6:00, 7:00, and 11:00 PM. 

Alongside co-anchor Ben Simmoneau, she also hosts NewsCenter 5 at 4:30 PM and The 10 O’Clock News on MeTV Boston.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA was the place of her birth on June 9, 1964. She has a height of five feet and two inches.

Her degree in journalism from Umass Amherst College is a bachelor’s degree. She graduated from Emerson College with an MA in mass communication.

Maria’s father is not known, although she is the daughter of Lois Athena Nionakis.  Her father designed and sold cosmetics at beauty salons. In 2016, Lois, her mother, passed away at the age of 79. 

After graduating from the Cambridge School of Business, she worked on the Space program at the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory.

She is wed to political writer and narrator Dale Charles Stephanos. 

His illustrations have been published in national publications such as Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, and Rolling Stone.

Liam and Isabella are the two children she is a mother to.

Working as a co-anchor at WCVB channel

Maria co-anchors WCVB Channel 5’s NewsCenter 5 with Ed Harding and Chief Meteorologist Harvey Leonard at 6:00, 7:00, and 11:00 PM. 

Alongside co-anchor Ben Simmoneau, she also hosts NewsCenter 5 at 4:30 PM and The 10 O’Clock News on MeTV Boston.

She spent almost eighteen years working as an anchor and reporter for Boston’s WFXT-TV. 

Maria used to work as a reporter for Providence, Rhode Island’s WJAR-TV.

She started as a Statehouse correspondent for several small stations, including Boston’s WBUR. 

Maria has also reported for WCBS Radio, WABC Radio, and several NPR radio stations in New York.

She is lucky to cover some of the top stories like the Worcester cold storage fire, the plane crash of John F. Kennedy, and the 9/11 attacks from Boston and Washington DC. 

More events like the presidential recount vote, the Boston Marathon bombing, winning the Red Sox World Series, and the death of Edward Kennedy and Boston Mayor Thomas Manino.

She has also been awarded the Lifetime Achievement award from the Alpha Omega Society presented by the Governor of the Commonwealth.

Many people want to know if she is leaving the channel due to the spread of the news of Maria Stephanos brain tumor but nothing has happened to her.

She is still working and will continue working. She had a little setback due to her sudden condition but is back and working with full enthusiasm.

Her projected yearly salary is $755,254.It is estimated that her net worth is $2 million. She doesn’t use Instagram.