Marco Vinicio Vargas: Talks About The Importance of AI

Marco Vinicio Vargas

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science concerned with building smart programs and machines which have the ability to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. In today’s world, AI has become a crucial part of our daily lives. Be it a simple Google search, or a more complex task like coding, AI is present everywhere.

There are several ways in which AI can be classified. Usually, experts classify into two categories: weak AI and strong AI. Weak AI, also known as narrow AI, is a system that is designed or trained to perform a specific task only. On the other hand, strong AI is a system that is designed or trained to replicate human cognitive abilities. Such AI systems can perform an array of tasks, and when presented with an unfamiliar situation, they can also find a solution on their own.

The market for both types of AI is growing rapidly. This is because AI has brought a revolution, especially in the business world. There has been a complete change in the business patterns and the way things work. Businesses do not have to rely on manpower for doing all the tasks; instead, they can integrate AI in their business model which can perform up to 10 tasks at one time (depending on its abilities); thus saving time and effort. Although AI systems require a one-time investment, in the long run, they are comparatively cheaper than hiring employees.

However, building AI systems is not an easy task. AI systems are an intricate piece of work that requires skills as well as attention to detail. Even if one slight thing goes wrong, the whole system can stop working. This is why you should only trust an expert with it. There are many companies that offer AI system building and training services, with Ainnova Tech being one of them.

About Ainnova Tech:

Ainnova Tech is a Delaware LLC Company. The company’s goal to empower their customers by improving their business efficiency and assisting them in their digital transformation through the use of AI-related softwares, applications and business solutions. Their team consists of hard working, dedicated professionals who work together with industry leaders and partners to help strengthen enterprise competitiveness. They are equipped with the most innovative AI technologies, machine learning experts and advanced R&D that gives them an edge over their competitors.

Currently, Ainnova Tech is operating in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare Ainnova Tech has taken medical image processing sector to the next level by building technology that enables healthcare organizations to detect brain tumor automatically.
  • Security which comprises of physical and cyber security, including CCTV & Security, passwords, VPN and other security methods such as face detection.
  • Retail Management which consists of inventory management and billing systems.
  • Traffic Monitoring and Safety through the use of CCTVs and other traffic monitoring tools.
  • Manufacturing, by integrating AI in the production process. Production line processes such as assembling are done through AI.

These are just some of the sectors Ainnova Tech operates in. Others include travel, CRM, marketing, finance & trading, agriculture, clothing and face & general embedding.

Ainnova Tech’s founder Marco Vinicio Vargas, who is now the CEO of the company, believes that AI has the potential to enter into more sectors. The company’s main focus for 2023 is to expand their services and products to the rest of Latin America, Europe, USA and Canada, and later in Africa and Asia. They plan on doing this through joint venture business models, which gives companies an opportunity to combine resources and expertise.

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