Lykosgonna – Fashion With A Twist

Lykosgonna Fashion-With-A-Twist

Our clothes are a form of expression of our personality. When we are not in verbal contact with people around us, our external dressing and fashion sense speaks on our behalf. Of course, to look confident and walk like you own the road, it is important that we not only wear the trendiest outfits out there but also feel comfortable.

Similar was the thought process of a young man back in 2017. Bound to step into the fashion industry, Mr. Bryant Iriele came across a gap in the market as he was learning about fashion trends once upon a time. His parents were fashion icons, and this led to him entering the fashion industry. He realized that as important as it was to stay ‘vogue’ with the emerging trends of our fast-pacing world, it was also important to be comfortable and make a statement. Fads change, however, the way an outfit makes you feel stays with you for a long time.

Mr. Bryant started an online fashion brand called Lykosgonna. It started in Los Angeles, but soon enough spread into its major markets of Nigeria and London.

What’s Different?

 The unique selling proposition of Lykosgonna lies with its promise to deliver fashion integrated into everyday wear. This means that people look for comfort as well as want to keep up with trends on a daily basis. This is what makes the basic idea of Mr. Bryant stand out and has helped the brand to develop an identity that is taking over the internet like wildfire. Needless to say, Lykosgonna is serving on its mission ‘To break new grounds in the fashion industry, by maintaining premium quality, style, and superb customer service.’

Another element unique to the brand is its ability to infuse street style with everyday fashion. Their products are high-end in terms of quality, fads, and innovation. They constantly use technology to create products with unique styles and designs. Merchandise is produced in huge quantities with the dense use of innovative technological processes. The producers of the merchandise are highly trained to match the set standards of the brand and are provided with the best quality of fabric available. This speaks volumes about how important quality is for Lykosgonna, making it the premium reputation it exhibits.

The Future of the Brand:

Lykosgonna has bright prospects for the future. Recently, it has released a look-book of its merchandise designed for 2020. Rumor has it, the styles for the year portray feelings of self-expression and freedom. The catalog displays t-shirts, hats, and various types of bottoms.

Mr. Bryant and his brand set out to fill a gap in the market where it lacked: everyday, comfortable fashion with a touch of street style and they have come a long way from where they started about three years ago.

Check out their latest fashion statements on their website. And while you are at it, feel free to order your favorite designs online and get your hands on them just in two to three weeks!