Know About Lydia Moynihan Husband, Net Worth, Age & Career

lydia moynihan husband

Curious to know about Lydia Moynihan husband? Rumor has it that reporter Lydia Moynihan for the New York Post is involved in a devoted and serious relationship. 

Her spouse or partner’s name is no longer in the public domain, nevertheless. 

Lydia Moynihan is a well-known news reporter, editor, content writer, and social media influencer from New York City, United States. 

She is a Wall Street correspondent for the New York Post.

Wall Street reporter Lydia Moynihan is quite attractive, and she has a large following on social media. 

The news she broadcasts is highly favored by internet users. However, the information regarding Lydia Moynihan husband is still a secret from everyone. 

Who is Lydia Moynihan husband? About her family 

Lydia acknowledges that she is not currently engaged or married in her photos. 

She may be dating someone, but no one knows who the anonymous man is.

Lydia is currently taking some time to consider a career in journalism. She doesn’t make a big deal out of dating until she fulfills her ambitions.

Patrick, Lydia’s brother, tied the knot with Miranda Maurine in 2019. As evidence of this joyous occasion, she shared stunning snapshots on Instagram, capturing her brother’s wedding moments with their parents, Daniel and Priscilla Moynihan.

Lydia Moynihan, their beloved daughter, was born into the caring embrace of Daniel Moynihan, an esteemed businessman currently based in Washington.

Over time, news of Lydia’s lineage intertwined with her soaring journalistic career, leading to rumors that her father was Brian Moynihan, the revered CEO of Bank of America.

Yet, it is essential to clarify that Lydia’s father is not Brian; their physical resemblance is purely coincidental.

Blessed with a close bond, Lydia cherishes the nurturing guidance of both her parents.

They wholeheartedly encourage her pursuit of becoming a renowned journalist, a path she attributes her triumphs.

From their affluent household stems a steadfast belief in her dreams and a foundation of unwavering love and support.

Lydia Moynihan professional career

Beautiful journalist and news reporter Lydia Moynihan is situated in New York. 

In April 2021, she started working as a Wall Street reporter for the New York Post. 

She spent more than two years working for Charlie Gasparino as a producer and production assistant at Fox Business Network.

After graduating, she interned for eight months at CNBC in Englewood Cliffs and worked as an intern for KOIN-TV and Washington Business Weak before joining Fox Business.  

She is also a TV personality and presenter who has conducted interviews with several well-known people over her career. 

Lydia also made headlines in the media when she criticized Elon Musk’s Twitter proposal.

In terms of her schooling, she earned her diploma from King’s College and finished her studies at a private local school.

Lydia Moynihan net worth 

The estimated amount of Lydia Moynihan’s net worth in US dollars is one million. She was paid more for her work as a Wall Street reporter. 

Her work in journalism is her main source of income. She is content with the income she receives from her job. Her net worth will increase if she continues to work in her industry.

Moynihan began working as a production assistant for “Fox News” in August 2017 at the age of 23. 

When Moynihan was elevated to producer for Charlie Gasparino in June 2018, she would have been 23 years old.