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Want To Live Healthier? Here Are Pills Of Culture Instead Of The Usual Medication

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Live Healther Life

The drugs give way to brushes, pens, and guitars in the field: health and Culture play together. Culture is a real remedy for human health. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, it’s not necessary to dedicate hours and hours to physical activity, but you can do it comfortably from your living room, perhaps even sipping a cup of tea.

New scientific studies have led to believe that an appropriate approach to Culture can lead to a longer life and psychological well-being. Many Universities in association with research institutions such as EPOCA (Economics and Advanced Cultural Policies); have undertaken a real study on the effects that Culture has on the human mind.

Want To Live Healthier Here Are Pills Of Culture Instead Of The Usual Medication

This initiative has brought to light the well-being for the part of the population that is used to entertain itself with Cultural Events of various kinds. It is not by chance that in populations in which there is no or very less Cultural Interest there is a greater tendency towards the increase of diseases.

Effects of Culture: A walk in a museum, the sight of paintings, frescoes or sculptures, pushes a subject to want to interact. Such experiences would lead man to want to establish relationships with “the other”, as well as set in motion a mechanism of thought. The approach with the literature allows the reader to wander with the mind, distract from the various personal problems, but above all puts in motion, in the mind, a mechanism of reflection on the society in which we live.

Dedicating oneself to the study of the past allows the modern age citizens to have a clearer picture of his age, or the approach to philosophy allows us to have an analysis of thought. Spending time on film screens, concerts or theatrical performances, such as psycho-drama, would lead to real psychological benefits.

In Western countries like Italy, Germany & France the cradle of Culture, exploiting its potential, it could have significant benefits on the health of these countries. Greater attention should be given to contemplating and appreciating the cultural resources that one possesses. Medicine, psychology, and Culture are aspects that have different modes of action but should act collectively in order to achieve well-being for human health.

Want To Live Healthier

Culture does not reign only among the great works of the past: The generations could and should feel compelled to devise a new cultural genre starting from ‘ planning. This aspect should not be underestimated because, through the design of structures and buildings that possess certain artistic criteria, one could obtain a reduction of vandalism, consequently the lowering of the crime rate that mainly affects the youth sector and greater pride and sense of belonging to one’s own city and nation.

The doctor of the Association for the Economy of Culture, Carla Bobo, says that Europeans needs collaboration between Culture and Health in order to change the countries, re-evaluate their artistic heritage and encourage the search for new medical sources of benefit. Culture, in the new generations, appears increasingly drowsy. Fighting the passive presence of it in the life of young people is a fundamental element so that there are more and more museums, theaters and libraries open and more closed pharmacies.