Lilly Iaschelcic Personality And Her Way To Fashion World

Lilly Iaschelcic

Lilly laschelcic is an agency model and is gaining some admirable fame and recognition in the fashion world at such a young age.

From an early age, she had a great enthusiasm for modelling. And as soon as leaving her high school back in 2013 she started her career as a fashion model.  She signed her first contract with Modus Vivendi’s in Moscow, Russia. But soon after four months she left and resumed her studies from where she had left. After that, she participated in many shoots around the world and in Russia as well.

Lilly laschelcic

Lilly Laschelcic in World of Fashion:

Lilly Laschelcic was given the title of Beauty Queen of the year in 2014 and Miss Supranational Chelsea in 2015. After a year she signed another contract this time in London with Gap Models and is currently working with the same agency.

She has received a degree in veterinary medicine from the UK. She has a great love for animals, and she had provided veterinary care and services for many cats and dogs.

During her journey based on several years, she has inspired many young women and girls to accomplish their dreams. She’s a role model. Now with a huge fan following on Instagram, she counties her journey as a fashion blogger as well. She has received many awards for her unique Fashion and styling sense.

Sports and fitness freak:

She’s a great fitness freak and is enthusiastic about going to the gym to keep her fit and in shape. She loves sports, as well. She’s quite good at Taekwondo martial arts and has won several championships in various competitions. Her love for sports is admirable as she has made others around her, especially young women, to work hard to get in shape. She also has collaborated with many sports brands such as ISawItFirst which is a UK based retailer. She mentions in her Instagram profile that she a vegan that shows how serious is she about her fitness.

The Boss Lady:

Being a model is not about wearing cool dresses and expensive clothes. It’s all about hard work, consistency, great effort and passion. It takes a lot of time for one to how to carry herself and look beautiful and confident in front of others. When it comes to all this Lilly is the real boss girl, she knows how to make her work look the best. Over the years she had initiated a lot of things herself and has never let anyone down. She’s a motivational speaker and a natural-born leader who not only works hard for herself but also inspires others to do the same.

Beauty and Fashion enthusiastic:

Lilly Laschelcic loves to wear beautiful and expensive, fine and organized clothes. Her fashion sense is what that has made her prominent and different from others in the London fashion scene. She has set outstanding standards for all the young girls and models to compete with. She pays a lot of attention to her grooming as well. In a few interviews, she has shared that she has done laser treatments to make her skin look more flawless and smoother.

Her determination to help others:

Lilly Laschelcic has participated in many fundraising events. She’s been a global ambassador for ‘save the children’ in 2017. She is always determined to help others, especially the vulnerable people in society. She was also the ambassador of the ‘Global Charity Kidney Foundation in 2019. She has done a tremendous amount of fundraising and charity work. She has also raised awareness in people about the importance of helping those in need.

Bottom Line:

Her hard work, passion and struggles have carried her a long way. She started her career as a young girl, and now she has transcended all the barriers and boundaries in front of her and has become a prominent and famous face of London fashion scene. Besides modelling, she’s a motivational speaker, a fashion blogger, a sports lover and an inspiration for many young girls to find and work hard for their passion and dreams.