Meet Neil Sedaka’s Wife: Leba Strassberg

leba strassberg

Popularly known as Neil Sedaka’s wife, Leba Strassberg is a singer, pianist, and producer.

They have been together for more than 50 years, proving that her marriage to the 84-year-old has endured the test of time.

Dara and Marc, their children, are also accomplished singers and screenwriters, respectively. American actress Strassberg is married to renowned pop singer, pianist, and songwriter Neil Sedaka.

Her marriage to him has always been a source of her notoriety and appeal.  Among her most well-known works are Legends and The Mike Douglas Show. 

She and Neil have been married for many years, which sets them apart from many Hollywood couples.

Who is Leba Strassberg?

She is Neil Sedaka’s wife and an actress. Leba Margaret Strassberg was her American birth name.  

Neil, her spouse, was of Jewish origin, as were her parents, Esther and Irving. 

Leba and her husband originally met and fell in love at her mother’s hotel, Esther Manor. In 1962, they tied the knot and are still together.

Numerous works have quotes from the famous wife in the credits. She plays parts that are always tied to her marriage while still being authentic.

Among her works are the following:

  • Her appearance on The Mike Douglas Show (1977), and 
  • Legends (2010) was as herself.
  • Neil Sedaka’s 2014 album, King of Song

What is the key to their more than 50-year marriage?

It comes as a huge surprise as Leba Strassberg and Neil Sedaka have been married for more than 50 years. 

Considering the emergence of rock & roll and the groupies, how did they avoid getting involved in all the controversies involving rock stars?

Neil acknowledges his involvement in drug use and other undesirable behaviors during his peak years. 

According to him, friendliness and cooperation are the keys to a long-lasting union. At the age of 19, Sedaka got married to Leba Strassberg, who was sixteen years old. 

Sedaka was playing at the upstate New York hotel owned by Strassberg’s mother at the time. 

Since then, the couple has spent 60 years together. They have three grandkids, a daughter named Dara Sedaka and a son named Marc Sedaka.

Although Strassberg’s mother disapproved of their relationship and marriage, Sedaka claims that his first encounter with his wife was motivated by love at first sight. 

He claimed that her mother was a businessman and that she did not think he would be a good fit for her daughter. 

Her father, who recognized her son’s full potential and talent, proved to be the savior in the end.

Sedaka and Strassberg are set to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in September of this year. 

The contented pair is still devoted to one another and incredibly in love with one another.

Their two children make them proud parents

Marc and Dara Sedaka are the couple’s two offspring from their more than fifty years of marriage. 

Born in Manhattan, New York City, on June 26, 1963, Dara is a well-known actress and singer from films such as Where the Boys Are.

She has released numerous songs and two albums since beginning her career. Dara has collaborated with her father, Neil, on a few of his older tunes. 

They recreated numerous songs, including “Shouldn’t Have Let You Go” and “Laughter in the Rain.”

Regarding her work, Leba’s daughter and her spouse share a lot of similarities. Born in 1967, her son Marc has also achieved success in his professional life. 

He writes and edits for television as well as movies. His work as Koreatown Ghost Story’s editor is well-known.

Amanda, Charlotte, and Michael, her three grandchildren from Marc, are already carrying on their grandfather’s legacy. 

To make some of their grandfather’s songs more appropriate for a family, they altered them. 

Waking Up is Hard to Do is a compilation CD of Neil’s songs that they prepared with their father’s help.

Husband of Leba Strassberg is a legendary artist

Neil became well-known during a period when rock and roll was quite popular. Many people had high hopes for him starting when he was young. 

His mother wanted him to become a classical pianist, while other people thought he should pursue a career in rock and roll.

Although his Jewish heritage inspired some of his compositions, Neil’s fame declined when the Rolling Stones and Beatles appeared. 

Before he returned to the music world with his song “Laughter in the Rain,” he had been absent for thirteen years.

Carol King and her husband had formerly had a passionate relationship

Neil and Carol Klein’s romantic relationship in high school developed into a successful career. 

Before being married to other people, they both received training at the Brill Building.

His 1959 song Oh! Carol was composed specifically for her, even though she was his ex-girlfriend. Neil’s hit at the time was this one.

He wrote a rejoinder, which she published as Carol King, following her marriage to Gerry Goffin. 

Carol’s spouse had long been her songwriting collaborator, but oh! Neil’s performance on the charts was lackluster. 

Despite not being a hit song, her release brought the couple writing contracts.

Her spouse’s mother had an affair while she was still married to Neil’s father

When Neil was a little boy, the Sedaka family saw its fair share of turmoil. As an 11-person family growing up, there wasn’t much room for breathing.

Still, his mother thought it intriguing to have a young girlfriend around. Even though his father knew about his wife’s behavior, it did not impact their union. 

It is unknown how their marriage survived, but they managed to raise many children. It’s possible that this made the Hall of Famer respect his union with Leba.