Everything About Laurie Urlacher: Ex-Wife Of Brian Urlacher

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Ex-husband of Laurie Urlacher, Brian Urlacher’s love life was one hell of a roller coaster ride, but he is known to be one of the best linebackers for the Chicago NFL. He excelled both in his relationships and on the field.

The beautiful lady Laurie was married to the player. Despite the gentleman’s involvement in many relations and scandals, Laurie stood by him as a supportive wife while they raised two daughters together.

Laurie tried her best to bring the fire down, which was burning her marriage with him, but it didn’t last in the end.

Due to his extramarital affairs and scandals, she had enough and decided to get out of this marriage and divorce him.

We’ll see how she supported him in his profession and why she planned to part ways. What was the reason, and how is she spending time these days? See the article to get to know about all this. 

About Laurie Urlacher

Laurie Urlacher was born in the United States, and we do not have information about her birthdate. 

She also has a very private nature. Laurie was raised in a mostly respectable society. She is the only child of her parents and has no siblings. 

However, there is no information about the education of her. She completed her early education at a private school nearby. She then went to the university to conclude her studies.

Brian Urlacher’s wife and loving partner, Laurie Urlacher, endured his troubles for years. Laurie stood by the former NFL linebacker throughout his turbulent love life.

Laurie’s support to her husband, Brian Urlacher

Laurie Urlacher significantly aided Brian Urlacher’s football career. She was one of the few persons who supported her husband’s ability from the beginning and was a regular anchor on the sidelines of every home game.

She actively supported her husband emotionally by traveling with him for away games, attending practices, and networking with other NFL wives.

Laurie had a significant role in Brian’s pre-game preparations as well. Before games, she would get up earlier than everyone else and make him wholesome meals to provide him the energy and nutrition he needed to play at his best.

She would frequently attend team meetings, contributing more information when requested and giving her husband any encouragement.

In addition, Laurie was constantly there to attend to Brian’s medical requirements following a long game with numerous bumps and bruises. 

She frequently provided cold packs or massages to relieve many NFL players’ muscle aches following intense physical exercise.

However, she would also support him if they lost a crucial game or rejoice with him when they won.

Because of Laurie’s constant backing throughout Brian’s football career, it is understandable why their relationship endured until 2018 when they eventually decided to part ways for unspecified reasons.

Even though their marriage has ended, it is obvious that Laurie was there for her husband during his tenure playing football for the Chicago Bears in the NFL, especially during difficult times.

The reason behind Laurie’s divorce from Brian 

After more than 16 years of marriage and having two daughters together, Brian and Laurie Urlacher decided to separate.

Many that Brian’s alleged encounters with multiple women and his infidelity during the marriage were the primary reasons for their breakup.

Laurie became unhappy with the marriage. As a result, it is noted that she was still supportive of him till they were together throughout his career. 

The couple’s relationship started to suffer due to Brian being a womanizer and his careless attitude.

He spotted doing late-night parties with his friends and other activities and failed to give time to his family. 

Their frequent fights over money issues made the couple’s marriage harder. Brian and Laurie could not save their faltering marriage despite their best efforts and ultimately decided to part ways.

When Laurie found emails between Brian and one of his many mistresses, it was the last straw between them.

She was hurt and angry because of his action and decided to file for divorce in April 2012. After the divorce, Laurie Urlacher didn’t remarry, and a lot is unknown about her.

Who is Brian Urlacher

As a result of his lengthy and successful career as an American professional football player, Brian can receive this enormous amount of money.

Through his successful career, he has acquired reputation and invaluable expertise. The financial stability brought by his professional achievements has allowed him and his family to enjoy a fulfilled and prosperous life.

His future wealth and yearly earnings are nearly surely going to rise.

Laurie’s ex-husband remarried after divorce

Brian Urlacher had several romantic liaisons after Laurie Urlacher. The first was with Tyna Robertson, but it didn’t last long and ended after a year.

Of course, rumors arose that Brian and Paris Hilton had an affair that reportedly caused his marriage to fail.

Still, since they both refused to discuss it publicly, the rumors never evolved beyond speculative status.

Jennifer McCarthy is then spotted with him in public! He had a legendary dating history! However, he is now committed to Jennipher Forst.

Jennipher Forst, who rose to celebrity through her participation in a reality series years ago, has been married to the 35-year-old Jennifer since 2016, and they are living happily ever after.

Brian Urlacher’s scandal

Little did Brian Urlacher know that when he and Tyna Robertson began dating, he was setting the stage for a decade-long legal battle.

Robertson would later accuse party dancer Michael Flatley of rape and seek payment without his knowledge.

Worriedly, the court ordered him to pay $11 million in damages for intentionally accusing Flatley, but sadly she was unsuccessful in her legal case.

Despite having doubts about Robertson’s claims, Urlacher took the DNA test and pleasantly discovered that Kennedy was, in fact, his son.

Being married to a different woman, with whom he has three children from prior marriages, provides a potentially happy conclusion to their turbulent relationship, bringing her comfort.