Who Is Greg Norman Ex-Wife, Laura Andrassy?

laura andrassy

Laura Andrassy is the former wife of the renowned entrepreneur and former professional golfer, Greg Norman, known by his full name, Gregory John Norman.

She was born to Laurabell Grace Gillen Andrassy and Julius Andrassy. The actual year of her birth is a matter of disagreement, with some sources claiming it to be 1963, while others argue for 1949.

When her family emigrated to the United States, her grandfather held the esteemed position of prime minister of Hungary.

During Laura’s formative years, her mother, Laurabell, actively contributed to the Jupiter Medical Center and the Bush Wildlife Center.

Tragically, Laura’s father, a former combatant of the US Marine Corps in World War II, passed away in 1993.

Alongside Laura Andrassy, her two brothers, Jay W. Andrassy and physician Richard, were her constant companions as she grew up.

The place where Laura first met her ex-husband

In 1981, this ex-couple embarked on their journey in aviation. Despite having parted ways as a couple, the circumstances surrounding their relationship remain intriguing.

At that time, she was employed as a flight attendant, while he, not yet widely recognized, was perceived as a young player.

Prior to their official marriage in 1981, their courtship was brief. Regrettably, their relationship was not destined for the long term.

Greg’s marriage after his separation with Laura Andrassy

Greg married twice after they got divorced. After more than 20 years of marriage, Laura and Greg decided to get divorced in 2007. 

After she left, Laura became more secretive about her personal life, and there was no update on the link-up. 

On the other side, his ex-partner got hitched to Chris Evert. She is a professional tennis player, but in 2009, their marriage only lasted one year. He reconnected with Kirsten Kutner after a year. 

In the British Virgin Islands’ Necker Island, the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary and are still together.

The most expensive divorces in sports history

Greg and Andrassy’s divorce got significant attention due to its noteworthy nature – it marked one of the most substantial settlements in the history of sports.

The three-page agreement, approved by Judge Elizabeth Metzger, detailed the financial aspects of their separation.

Laura was entitled to a substantial sum, receiving a $50 million payout, along with an additional $30.2 million dispersed over 15 years.

Moreover, she earned $17.5 million from the sale of their Jupiter Island property, named “Tranquility,” $4 million from the sale of a Palm Beach residence, $466,000 from a retirement account, $500,000 worth of jewels, and she retained ownership of her Range Rover.

The divorce arrangement also included provisions for the couple’s two children. Greg Norman’s son, Greg Jr., and daughter, Morgan, were designated as recipients of all his golf medals, as well as a cash inheritance of $103 million upon his passing.

Notably, the financial implications of Greg Norman’s subsequent marriage to Chris Evert were minimized, thanks to the prenuptial agreement they had previously signed.

Laura Andrassy children with Greg Norman

The ex-couple’s two children, a boy and a girl, were given the names Greg Jr. and Morgan Leigh.

Their children, Morgan, graduated from Boston College with a degree in English as an international language. 

She also spent her formative years traveling with her father on business. In that phase, she met Sergio Garcia, the love of her life, who she later parted ways with.

Afterward, get along with Chris Dillavou, the father of their child. Their son Gregory earned a Management degree from the University of Miami. 

However, he had previously worked for a squad run by his father, Great White Shark Enterprise. Alongside Greg, he has previously taken part in the ADT golf skills challenge.

Early media exposure for Greg Norman

He gained his first notoriety when he was just 19 years old, and today he is known throughout the world. The man was born (with a single-figure handicap) to Merv and Toini Norman. 

His father was also a practicing electrical engineer. The younger Greg enjoyed playing rugby and cricket and wanted to become a pro surfer. 

But because of his mother’s encouragement, he started playing golf and in a matter of months went from having a 27 handicap to being a scratch golfer. 

He was stated to be one behind the lead even after completing the opening round of the Queensland Open.

How much money does Laura Andrassy have?

The ex-wife of golfing legend Greg Norman has not revealed her exact net worth despite getting a divorce settlement of over $100 million.

Andrassy did, however, become fairly affluent following the divorce, as is well known. She originally bought her Southampton dream home in 2008 for $7.55 million and substantially restored it before listing it for sale in 2010 for $16.5 million.

On the other hand, her ex-husband Greg Norman is said to have a net worth of almost $400 million.

Norman was the top tour earner in 1986, 1990, and 1995, and he made more than $1 million annually from golf tournaments during his active career.

Additionally, he has the distinction of being the first professional golfer to earn more than $10 million in career earnings, bringing his total earnings to over $15 million.

The ex-husband of Andrassy also has several investments, including real estate.

Notably, he began work on developing Seven Lakes Ranch in 2017, which is a sizable project in his portfolio.

Quick facts about Laura Andrassy

Andrassy is characterized by her short blonde hair and striking blue eyes. Her true name is Laurebell Grace Gillen Andrassy, and she was born under the sun sign of Leo.

While enjoying the pleasures of life, Laura aims to steer clear of the spotlight and media controversies.