KJ VanDerwerken – Making lives Easier

KJ VanDerwerken Making lives Easier

KJ VanDerwerken was born in and raised in rural upstate NY. As he finished his High School, his family decided to move to Charlotte. The decision was made to search for better job and education opportunities. He found one in Charlotte, NC.

When people are house hunting, times can be stressful.  Finding the perfect home, getting an offer accepted, and going through lending qualifications is exhausting.  The last thing on a person’s mind during this time is insurance. The uncertainty and tiring processes turn our routines upside down. Movement Insurance realized that families, loan officers, and realtors alike could use help to smooth these processes during this transaction.

He attended UNCC for graduation degree in Finance. His educational field helped him in learning complex risk management structures, and insurance processes.

After graduating, he started working with Movement Mortgage/Movement Insurance and has since worked for the company for seven years.

What has KJ VanDerwerken done?

KJ VanDerwerken joined the company with a vision to assist people with their insurance needs throughout the home buying process. He’s worked enthusiastically to help over 3,100 Charlotte (and extended areas) residents in their home buying process.

From educating them to getting access to their insurance needs, KJ was there to make the progression smooth for his clients. For people who are interested in investing their earning in a home, jewelry, vehicles, boats, umbrella or even in other businesses, he explains every step of implementing policies to minimize the risk of loss.

KJ VanDerwerken
KJ VanDerwerken, Owner Of VanDerwerken Properties

The best thing about KJ VanDerwerken is that he has stayed with the initial ideology of his company of loving and valuing people. To make sure that their clients get genuine help they operate as an independent agency.  This style of working does not force him to place business to a company that’s not in the best interest of his clients. Also, it allows him to shop with various carriers, who offer a wide variety of products and prices to find the best overall fit for his clients.  In this way, the clients not only have the best options, but they can also get their hands on required products at a competitive premium

Insurance services by KJ

KJ has complete solutions to all your insurance requirements. No matter what amount your investment is and where you are putting your money, he is ready to help you out.

His excellence can be noticed by taking a look at his young career.  He is currently servicing a personal lines (insurance) book of business exceeding $2,600,000. For his brilliance of work, he has been recognized over 30x for exceeding $50,000 in new business premium (personal lines) in a month.

When it comes to his previous performance, In 2018, KJ won two 30 under 30 awards in the Charlotte, NC region. Cherry over the top, he is also a two-time Five Star Professional award recipient. And as mentioned before he has been an agent with Movement Insurance for over seven years.

Along with promising services he is known for listening to his clients and working flexibly to meet their requirements. His super energetic style of working and a problem-solving attitude is something that must be appreciated.