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Warren Buffett & Bill Gates: Key Objectives For An Entrepreneur From The Masters Of Business

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Warren Buffett & Bill Gates Key Objectives For An Entrepreneur From The Masters Of Business

To progress in life and in business, one has to surround him/herself with people better than himself, of whom one can learn.

The clarity and simplicity of Warren Buffett (CEO of Berkshire Hathaway) are very fascinating with his personality & business secrets. In this article, we will see why Buffett can become our mentor when it comes to being better entrepreneurs.

Find your passion: The first thing that struck most of the people about this financial genius, one of the richest men in the world, is the call that makes us: ‘follow your passion’. The truth, we cannot believe the story of an entrepreneur whose goals are framed in a workday. On the contrary, we must feed our purpose, business and way of monetizing our ideas full time and at every moment of the day. The passion for achievement is the true engine of an entrepreneur.

Library mouse: The second thing that needs to be highlighted about Buffett is his capacity for study, reading and reflection. He confesses that he spends more than four hours a day reading. Another monster of the venture, Elon Musk, in his youth, had already read the complete British encyclopedia and, of course, Bill Gates tells very often in his interviews that one of his goals is to read a book a week.

This fact sounds difficult to us in our starter’s context. However, if an entrepreneur does not cultivate his mind with new ideas and thoughts, his realities will be configured with more of the same.

Complacency: The third important scenario from Buffett’s life is his hatred of complacency. It is impossible to triumph with the idea that everything will come to life without effort. Therefore, Buffett says that it is not enough to have demanding bosses and, on the contrary, we should self-demand as much as we can and, above all, feel that we are giving everything.

One of the most frequent causes of failure is to rest on our laurels and see life as a destination. It is, rather, a path in which we must daily strive to achieve the major objectives of an entrepreneur that brings us closer to our purposes and business goals.

Bill Gates: He did not graduate from university, but he is one of the most knowledge-loving people in the world. Currently, Bill Gates reads more than 50 books a year, on average, one book per week. If the owner of one of the most important companies in the world, which helps hundreds of thousands of people through the foundation that bears his name, is able to read a book a week, we should propose to read to the rhythm of this tycoon to enrich our lives and improve our objectives of entrepreneurial intelligence.

Knowledge as an instrument: The real success of Bill Gates lies in the use of knowledge for any human activity. Gates is the prototype of the nerd (the one applied in class). They say that when he was little, his mother called him to lunch and he used to answer that he could not go down to eat because he was busy thinking. Likewise, Gates worshiped brilliant people, to the point that he said that we should be friendly with the nerds because there was a good chance that you would end up working for one of them.

He revolutionized the computer industry by a single idea that catapulted him as one of the richest men on the planet: to protect software as a patentable knowledge that should be exploited commercially.

What is really decisive about Gates is his interest in solving problems through knowledge. This implies a healthy obsession with research, reading and, above all, the search for solutions to the most complex challenges facing humanity. It is worth noting that Gates and his wife Melinda lead a foundation whose purpose is to eradicate the diseases that have caused the most deaths on the planet such as malaria or polio.

Conclusion: The biggest recommendation, after studying Buffett & Bill Gates, is asking you to get a mentor. You will tell that it is expensive or that you know someone is very busy and I will tell you: there is a hundred around the corner. To start you can count on Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki or Alex Osterwalder (Canvas Business Models). Your advice & books will empower your objective as an entrepreneur.

In summary, the main objective of an entrepreneur: To undertake, you have to be, rather than to do; that is, in whom you must convert to achieve your goals.