Joel Osteen Yankee Stadium: Come Home To Hope Event

Joel Osteen Yankee Stadium

Joel Osteen Yankee Stadium show “Come Home to Hope Event” drew thousands of people to Yankee Stadium in New York City on Saturday, August 6, 2022.

The goal of the evening was to give a generation that is growing increasingly nervous and dejected a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

In light of the ongoing challenges brought about by COVID-19, economic uncertainty, and cultural instability, Joel Osteen, who co-hosted the event alongside his wife Victoria, delivered a powerful speech that emphasized the importance of maintaining faith in the face of tragedy and finding hope amidst adversity.

With his words of encouragement and guidance, Osteen offered a beacon of light and inspiration to all those in attendance, reminding them that even in the darkest times, there is always a glimmer of hope to hold onto.

Let’s explore more details about the Joel Osteen Yankee Stadium Come Home to Hope event.

Joel Osteen Yankee Stadium: The show

The pastor of Houston, Texas’s Lakewood Church remarked,

“I want to talk to you tonight about freedom in the fire.” “Unless God has a purpose for you, He will not permit the difficulties. Adversity is the only way for the potential within you to surface.”

David remarked, “God enlarged me in my time of distress,” in Psalm 4:1. 

The speaker and best-selling author used this verse to remind audiences that God utilizes adversity, suffering, betrayal, and loss to purify and sanctify His people.

Osteen emphasized that he found favor in the fire and that it was setting him up.

He mentioned that one may not realize that God is making them bigger and that there would be fresh development, fresh opportunities, and fresh talent.

Osteen advised us to stay out of the fire and remain steadfast amid the flames, as for every setback, God has an answer. He used the example of Job, who trusted God in the face of hardship.

He underlined that “the enemy can’t touch you without God’s permission.”  

Post covid Joel Osteen Yankee Stadium event 

Due to limitations resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Osteens did not host a major stadium event for more than three years until this past Saturday’s “Come Home to Hope” celebration. 

2014’s “A Night of Hope” marked their last visit to Yankee Stadium. 

When they came for the first time in 2009, the stadium hosted its first non-baseball event.

 For those who were unable to come in person, Lakewood also hosted a “Global Virtual Stadium” event this year.

Their first event after COVID-19, according to Victoria Osteen, was a “new beginning.” 

She said to CP, “Let’s recharge, let’s refuel.” “We’re going to be locked in difficulties for eternity if we don’t get with it and just really take back our life. Because difficulties will always arise, but how we handle and interpret those problems will determine how they turn out in the end.”

Yankee Stadium event details 

The occasion included testimonies from regional pastors, individuals who saw God’s favor amid adversity, and a video address by Paul Osteen, a general and vascular surgeon who visits underdeveloped nations in sub-Saharan Africa to fill in for missionary physicians and surgeons who are on furlough. 

Award-winning musicians Tauren Wells and CeCe Winans, along with Lakewood Music, performed throughout the worship and praise event. 

“God’s Not Done With You” and “Joy in the Morning,” two of Wells’ inspirational classics, were played. 

Wells told The Christian Post that “ he wanted to emphasize optimism that “outlasts the momentary problems we face, no matter how difficult they may be.”

“Pastor Joel is the perfect voice to bring hope; he’s been consistent in that, and I just get to be here to support that message,” 

Wells stated. “There’s a hope in eternity, and that’s what we have to set our eyes on.”

For the first time, Lakewood Music presented its brand-new song, “Can I Get an Amen.” Lakewood Music member Alexandra Osteen, who is the daughter of Joel and Victoria, told CP that the song is an “anthem for people to declare God’s promises.”

Joel Osteen’s message to the audience

The crowd’s diversity reflected that of Lakewood Church as a whole. 

Throughout the occasion, many people were crying and raising their hands, indicating the happy atmosphere. 

The preacher thought back on the suffering and disappointments he had gone through when his father and “best friend,” John Osteen, passed away in 1999. 

He emphasized to the guests that their actions during the fire and their reactions to hardship “matters.”

“There were seeds of my destiny opening up during that time … that would’ve lied dormant without the heat,” 

He stated. “I found a talent I didn’t know I had. After my father went away, I felt compelled to become a pastor.”

“Don’t judge your situation too soon,” he continued. It’s almost time for you. God is still thinking of you. God permitted that fire to advance you rather than destroy you. In reality, what appears to be a setback is God preparing you.”

In his closing remarks, Osteen urged the audience to “get involved in a Bible-based church.” 

“My challenge: Stay faithful in the fire,” he declared. “Healing is coming. … The fullness of your destiny is coming, in Jesus’ name.”