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Joe Metheny – The Killer Who Made Hamburgers Of His Victim’s Flesh

Joe Metheny The Killer Who Made Hamburgers Of His Victim's Flesh

Joe Metheny, also called Joseph Roy Metheny, gained the moniker The Cannibal in 1996 after being charged with several murders and confessing to preparing the flesh of his victims. 

The native of Baltimore, Joe Metheny, claimed to have murdered upto ten individuals in the 1990s.

He said that once his wife left him, he chose to kill people to cope with his depression.

A number of s*x workers were murdered by Metheny in South Baltimore, dismembered, and parts of them were kept in a freezer before the rest of their bodies were dumped in a river. 

He never expressed regret for what he did. Metheny created burgers from the human meat he had stored in his freezer and sold them to unaware onlookers at a roadside barbecue stand.

What may be even more heinous than eating one’s own murder victims is feeding human corpses to unaware people. 

Metheny left a large number of victims, including himself, the people he killed, the people he unintentionally served human meat to, and his own family, in the wake of his reign of terror.

The Rough Childhood

Joe Metheny’s Early life wasn’t quite easy. When Joe was only six years old, his drunken father was killed in a vehicle accident.

While working two jobs and trying to raise a family of six on her own, his mother wasn’t able to provide her children the care they needed.

Joe Metheny enlisted in the US Army at the age of 19. According to his mother, he served in Germany. 

Joe Metheny stated that he had spent a tour in Vietnam and that it was there that he developed a heroin addiction. 

Despite his addictions, Metheny managed to work steadily as a forklift driver, and he even had a girlfriend and a son.

But one day, when Metheny got home from work, he found that his girlfriend and child had disappeared.

Metheny rushed into a vindictive frenzy, thinking that his wife had gone with their child to live with another man.

Bethany would cite this incident as the catalyst for his murderous rampage.

Metheny Murdered People To Cope Up With His Loss

Metheny spent days searching for his children and girlfriend after they vanished. Where she used to get narcotics, he looked in halfway houses and below bridges but came up empty-handed.

He eventually came upon two homeless men, who he thought was hiding information from him regarding where his family was. He used an axe he had brought along to kill both of them.

When Metheny was ultimately apprehended for these murders, he admitted to the police that he had also committed three unrelated murders that evening. 

However, the lack of evidence led to the dismissal of this case in the end.

But these weren’t his first casualties.

After being detained, Metheny asserted that he had killed Cathy Ann Magaziner, a s*x worker, a year earlier in 1993. 

He allegedly claimed to have placed her body in a little grave at the factory where he worked.

After returning to the corpse six months later, he removed the head, placed it in a box, and discarded it.

It appears that Metheny wasn’t aiming for retribution after all, as he had started killing before the abandonment he claimed catalyzed his killing spree. He was addicted to the rush of killing.

Joe Metheny fatally stabbed Kimberly Lynn Spicer in the chest in 1996. He and Rita Kemper shared drugs in his trailer a little over a month later. 

Metheny chased Kemper, assaulted her, forced her back into the trailer, and tried to r*pe her after she resisted having s*x with him and tried to leave.

He allegedly threatened to kill her and shouted, ‘going to kill you and bury you in the woods with the other girls,’ according to Kemper.

At the factory where he worked, Metheny had hidden Kimberly Lynn Spicer’s body. But he requested one of his coworkers to assist him in burying it out of concern that someone would find it. 

His coworker called the police right away, and Metheny was taken into custody that same day.

What Did He Do With His Victim’s Bodies?

Joe Metheny used to store the meat of his victim’s bodies in his freezer. The human meat was minced, combined with pig and beef, and made into hamburger patties.

These patties were then cooked and served at a roadside barbecue stand to unwary onlookers.

After being arrested, Metheny discussed the human meat burgers in court, claiming, ‘They were pretty nice. The taste of the human body was highly delicious. 

After being arrested, Metheny discussed the human meat burgers in court, claiming, “They were quite nice. The taste of the human body was highly similar to bacon, and no one can tell the difference if combined.’

The number of people who ate Metheny’s hamburgers is unknown.

‘So, the next time you’re traveling down the road and you chance to encounter an open-pit beef stall that you’ve never seen before, make sure you think about this story before you take a bite of that sandwich,’ Metheny himself later remarked in an interview.

The Uncovered Truth

According to Metheny, he killed upto ten victims, the majority of whom were young, white female prostitutes, and he discarded their bodies in the Patapsco River.

However, no remains of his victim’s body were ever found. 

He asserted that his sole regret did not have the opportunity to kill his ex-girlfriend and the man she fled with.

Metheny was first given the death penalty, but the verdict was eventually overturned to life in prison. In 2017, Metheny was discovered dead in his cell.