Jeremy Foster Hope City Church Pastor Resigns

jeremy foster hope city

Jeremy Foster Hope City Church pastor left his position as Houston, Texas’s pastor of Church. 

The church once took great pride in being among the fastest-growing in the country.

Jeremy has been leading worship since the beginning of Hope City Church in 2015. 

Since the church’s founding, thousands of people have discovered their calling and been baptized there.

One of the biggest church-building groups in North America, the Association of Related Churches (ARC), has been involved in several controversies, the most recent of which being Foster’s departure.

The pastor of Riverpark Church in Shreveport, Louisiana, declared on YouTube that  Jeremy Foster Hope City Church pastor had confessed to an adulterous affair with a woman who was not associated with Hope City this week. 

Why did Jeremy Foster Hope City church pastor resign?

The most recent event affecting the ARC was Jeremy Foster’s departure.  Foster acknowledged having an extramarital affair this past week. 

Her allegiances are not with the Hope City Church. Pastor Mar Briggs from Hope City announced the news and requested funds for the church’s purpose in a video uploaded to YouTube.

Julie Roys reports that Daniel and Pastor Jackie Groves have taken Jeremy’s place in the congregation.

After the affair became public, he announced his resignation on the Hope City website.

Jeremy still needs to address the resignation on his website and social media accounts.

The most recent controversy and legal action involving a pastor connected to the Evangelical and Reformed Churches (ARC) is the one concerning Jeremy. 

Last month, the head pastor of Venue Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee faced accusations of having an affair, resulting in several resignations.

Foster departed Hope City Church after an incident in which he cheated on his wife.

Who is the Wife of Jeremy Foster?

Jeremy Foster Hope City Pastor told Jennifer the truth about his adultery. They exchanged vows more than 20 years ago.

Along with her husband, Jennifer is a pastor’s wife who manages all festivities. After serving as a minister for fifteen years, Foster and his spouse founded Hope City in Houston, Texas. 

The entire family currently resides in Houston. Josiah, Jackson, Jeselyn, Jayden, Jillian, and Carla are the couple’s six children.

Pastor Jeremy Foster: Where is he now?

The kind of person who would never be scared to try something new was Pastor Jeremy Foster. 

According to Jeremy’s website, his ancestors were preachers and ranchers. 

He has experimented with rock & roll music, entrepreneurship, bull riding, and the church.

Foster is dedicated to both the profession and God. Having sensed God’s calling, he went into ministry. 

His commitment to spreading the gospel and changing people’s lives is profound.

Has he been married since resigning?

A year after stepping down from his position as megachurch pastor after an extramarital affair. 

Jeremy Foster remarried to a minister in the United Pentecostal Church International with his father’s blessing.

The “fastest-growing church in American history” was no longer Hope City Church in Houston, Texas, when Foster left. 

In January 2022, The Roys Report (TRR) disclosed that Hope City, an ARC member church that had been planted in 2015, had grown to over 12,000 members in just four years.

Some ARC congregations have experienced financial and/or s*xual issues in the last few years.

Foster departed Hope City after confessing to having an adulterous relationship with a non-church member, according to one of the overseers of the organization.

A month later, according to court system documents in Harris County, his then-wife filed for divorce. 

September 2nd marks the finalization of the divorce

Ratchadaporn Thongaram and Foster were married on November 6, nine weeks later, according to a copy of their marriage license. 

Foster was at the residence where the couple had been living, which is owned by Thongaram when the divorce papers were served in February.

After confessing to an adulterous affair, Jeremy resigned from his position as pastor of a megachurch in Houston a year ago. 

The elder Foster wrote that he felt “honored” to have Jeremy and thanked God for giving him sonhood.

The Adulterous Affair Apology of Jeremy Foster

Foster apologized to his Instagram fans for the affair that compelled him to resign from his position as pastor of Hope City the previous year.

He made a nine-minute video confession to having an affair. 

After a year, the distraught former megachurch pastor comes clean about his adulterous affair. 

Foster remarried in November of last year, having left Hope City during the turmoil.

“If you didn’t know already, you now know that I was a moral failure. It was my infidelity. In addition, I have utterly destroyed my bond with my parents”.

Additionally, he stated, “Many of the volunteers, workers, and supporters who followed me listened to me and loved me, even if I upset the church I was leaving. I never in a million years thought I would be doing this. And I sincerely apologize,”

Despite their divorce, Foster revealed certain details about his romantic past and said he and his wife had an “amicable” relationship.

They are “working well with their younger kids,” according to their former Mega City pastor.

Jayden, the eldest child of Foster, has spoken out against her father, labelling his claims as “BS.”

According to a second article by the Roys Report, Hope City administrator Mark Briggs confirmed Foster’s departure in January 2022.

Briggs revealed that Foster had tendered his resignation as the pastor of Hope City upon confessing to an extramarital affair.