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Jeff Halevy CEO of Altis Movement Technologies on Disrupting Aging

Jeff Halevy CEO of Altis Movement Technologies
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Jeff Halevy is the CEO of Altis Movement Technologies, a venture-backed technology startup that will bring its AI Personal Trainer to consumers in 2021.

Jeff Halevy has been bringing his healthy lifestyle message all around the world for nearly a decade, helping people understand how they can take greater control of the way they think, the way they eat, and the way they move.

An award-winning entrepreneur and fifteen-year veteran of the health, medical, fitness and technology industries, Jeff’s career counts successes and exits in verticals including health clubs, education and content creation, insurtech, television and media, and public health advocacy.

Jeff Halevy is regarded as a thought leader and innovator in the health and fitness industries, which has earned him distinction in the mainstream media, with features by CNBC, Fox, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Women’s Health, as well as trade publications like Club Solutions.

Many people discovered Jeff Halevy during his successful stint as a Health & Lifestyle Correspondent for NBC’s “Today Show,” and many other media and television appearances.

We are very lucky to share some excerpts from a recent program Jeff Halevy led for AARP on anti-aging and the importance of movement and exercise – at any age!

“We have reward systems built into the body for us to move. Does anybody know what those reward systems are?  Endorphins are wrong. That’s old school research. It’s actually something different. It’s not endorphins, it’s endocannabinoids.  Has anybody heard of endocannabinoids?  Endocannabinoids in our bodies essentially replicate the effects of smoking marijuana. Just like cannabis, cannabinoid.”

“Antiaging and longevity are, to me they’re like the Bitcoin and blockchain of wellness today. Everybody throws these words around, nobody really knows what they mean.  Don’t kid yourselves.  I couldn’t wrap my head around anti-aging. How do you stop a measurement?  And the thing is, I have actually, I have seen anti-aging.  Who’s seen Benjamin Button. That’s anti-aging, right?  Who’s seen Tom Cruise?  I don’t understand that guy, it’s like he gets younger every year, it’s nutty. I want to know what he eats for breakfast.”

“So what is normal. What do we accept as being normal as we get older?  We become frail, cranky, tired… Disrupting aging is exercise, it is activated, it is movement. And I’m going to try and make a solid case for this today.”

“I want to do a little experiment with everyone reading this article right now. We’re going to see if, without using your hands, you can get up from that position. The reason that that was so important is because that is directly tied to your longevity. Your movement, your ability to stand up without using your hands, is connected to your ability to live longer.  Just one point of improvement, by the way, on that test correlated with living 21% longer. Our movement is heavily connected to our longevity, and, of course, our quality of life.”

“What gets bigger when you exercise? Don’t say your brain because you know where I’m going. Your muscles get bigger, right? Your glutes, your booty gets bigger, that’s right. Did someone say ego?”

“Now here’s what’s even cooler, when you exercise you secrete miracle grow, BDNF, brain-derived neurotrophic factor. And BDNF is like the miracle grow for the brain. The gene may play a role in the regulation of the stress response and in the biology of mood disorders.”

“People are worried that muscle turns into fat, which is completely false.  But you know what actually turns into fat?  Bone.  So, especially the women in the room, we know how important it is to, and I’m always yelling at my mom, you’ve got to lift weights, you’ve got to do something.  It’s so important to preserve the bone. And the leverage point that I have on her is because you say you don’t want to be fat.”

“We start losing our mobility at six years old. You are getting old already, and you don’t even know it. You’re getting old already.”

“Very early on in my career, I was lucky enough to work with immunogen sciences. And for those familiar with epigenetics, gene expression, this is just absolutely amazing. But you can change who you are just by exercising. You are a different person after you’ve worked out than before, quite literally. Now you can’t exercise yourself into looking like Brad Pitt, okay? I would do it if I could, it doesn’t work. But you can change your gene expression. You can turn those lights switches on and off.”

“And the reason that that’s important is the effect on certain diseases like cancer. We can actually prevent cell mutations in the first place. We can slow the growth of these cells and we can even reverse the actual mutations. V̇O2 max (also maximal oxygen consumption, maximal oxygen uptake or maximal aerobic capacity) is a better indicator of all-cause mortality than obesity, smoking, and hypertension. And those are our big three.”

“You don’t need to become better at oxygenating your body. As a matter of fact, most of us breathe the wrong way. Take a deep breath really quickly. Go ahead. You breathe upside down. I want you to feel the coolness of the air that’s coming into your nostrils now.”

“How many people noticed that they had a little more saliva in their mouth as soon as they started breathing through their nose? Anybody notice that? Yes? Okay. So the reason for that is because you’re switching from your sympathetic fight or flight to your parasympathetic rest and recovery nervous system. That’s why you start to feel the saliva pooling in the mouth. As I said before, we’re pretty good at living longer, but more importantly, I hope that I helped you disrupt aging and live well.”