Jack Touzet Net Worth, Parents, And Family

jack touzet

Jack Touzet family, one of the wealthiest in Miami, Florida, holds a prominent position.

Lydia Touzet’s son, Jack, from Banyan Street Capital, and his girlfriend, Xandra Pohl, have gained online fame through their viral content on TikTok.

Pohl, with over 837k followers and still growing, showcases hilarious videos on the popular video-sharing app.

Jack, the younger brother of Rudy Touzet Jr., often features in these entertaining clips.

Pohl’s posts, ranging from getting dressed to fun outings with friends, have captivated viewers worldwide.

Her coffee runs with Touzet and collaborative adventures with viral influencers are particularly popular.

While Pohl enjoys the limelight, Touzet prefers to keep his personal life separate from his online presence, maintaining a private Instagram account.

Nonetheless, Jack Touzet continues to make appearances in Pohl’s thrilling videos, sparking curiosity about his family and way of life.

Jack Touzet education

Jonathan Prio Touzet, also known as Jack, is a current business major at the college. He discovered his passion for real estate while working part-time as a marketing assistant at Banyan Street Capital.

Jack Touzet parent’s business 

The Miami-based real estate company Banyan Street Capital is proudly owned by the Jack Touzet family, worth $3.5 billion. The business was started by his father in 2007.

Moreover, the Touzets are well-known in Miami’s business community for their corporate and social causes. They have a net worth of more than $50 million, making them a rich family in Miami.

Jack’s father, Rudy Prio Touzet

Jack Touzet’s father, Owner, creator, and CEO of Banyan Street Capital is Rudy Prio Touzet. He established the company after getting years of experience in the field.

The present portfolio of Banyan Street Company is worth $3.5 billion. According to the company’s official website, over 10.7 million square feet of office space is spread throughout numerous US cities and states.

Additionally, the business owns expensive office buildings in numerous US cities, including the 191 Peachtree Tower in Atlanta, Peachtree in Atlanta, Rivergate Tower in Tampa, Salesforce Tower in Atlanta, and Tampa City Center in Tampa.

Rudy’s past work 

From 1981 to 1997, Rudy was a managing director for Cushman & Wakefield for 16 years. Later, In 1997 he co-founded America’s Capital Partners, where he worked till 2007. 

In addition to his successful business endeavors, Rudy has chaired the board of trustees for the Ransom Everglades. 

He was chosen to give the commencement address at his alma mater Ransom Everglades School in 2018 and won the Founders’ Alumni Award for his community contributions.

Rudy’s education 

After completing his education at Ransom Everglades School in 1976, Touzet enrolled at the University of Miami, earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration. 

Jack Touzet mother, Lydia Touzet

Lydia Touzet, Jack Touzet’s mother, is a native of Middleborough, Massachusetts. She serves as the Ransom Everglades Parents’ Association’s co-chair.

She was raised in Middleborough, where she was born, and graduated from Middleborough High School in 1982.

Lydia is a wonderful wife and a mom of two sons residing with her family in Miami.

Lydia’s net worth

From looking into her family’s business and past, it is clear that her net worth is astoundingly high. She once appeared at a glitzy occasion wearing jewelry valued at around $2 million.

The elegant Touzets’ home hosted the exclusive supper. Sixty-five of Miami’s elite socialites attended the dinner party the Touzet couple held to celebrate the inauguration of the De Beers diamond store.

Jack’s elder brother, Rudy Touzet Jr. 

Rudy Touzet Jr., the oldest family member, has an older brother named Jack. He is a pop singer and songwriter from Miami.

At a pretty young age, he realized he could sing. At eight, he wrote his first song, The Only Girl, which he performed in school recitals. He penned the song as a love letter to his crush.

Rudy Touzet Jr.’s passion for singing 

The half-Cuban origin of Touzet has also given him a knack for cultural influences in his music. He would learn about his ancestry while spending his weekends with his grandmother.

Rudy’s love of songwriting and singing persisted via his journaling, encouraging him to write additional songs.

By high school, he was still honing his skill and producing an increasing number of songs.

Touzet Jr’s education

Later, he majored in film studies at Chapman University in California. He created melodies for songs he wrote throughout college, then recorded those tunes into GarageBand.

Rudy’s bebut as a singer

Touzet finally released his debut single, Contigo, a Latin Pop love song, in the spring of 2020. He has since released several hit albums, including I Don’t Know, Take It As A Win, Runaway, and Say Less.

In each song, the musician highlights a distinct phase of his life, from ends to new beginnings, love to heartbreak.

He released two singles in March 2022, Goodnight Moon and Treason, before his debut EP came out later that year. The singles demonstrated his flexibility and promise as a singer/songwriter.

After spending two years working on it, he finally published his debut EP, Where It All Started, in October 2022. The teenage artist claimed that his experience of maturing and learning how to love inspired the work.

Jack Touzet net worth

One of the wealthiest Miami families is the one Jack Touzet originates from. As was previously mentioned, the Touzet family’s net worth from Banyan Street is over $3.5 billion.

Pohl, an internet sensation, and her beloved are University of Miami students. Touzet also plays a big role in TikToker’s honest way of life.

He began working with Banyan Street Capital in January 2021 as a marketing assistant and soon realized that real estate was his genuine calling. He spent four months there as a part-time employee from April 2020 to April 2021.

Touzet will establish a name for himself in the real estate industry, following in his father’s footsteps.

The young man enjoys traveling and is frequently seen doing so with his friends, family, and devoted fiancée.