Is Kendra Reeves Married To Mike Lindell? Are They Together?

Is Kendra Reeves married to mike lindell

Is Kendra Reeves married to mike lindell? They have both been in a relationship since 2014.

Mike Lindell is a prominent American businessman. In 2004, he created Mypillow and has since served as the company’s CEO. On June 28th, 1961, Mike Lindell entered this world.

The CEO has long made exaggerated claims about the effectiveness of his “miracle pillows,” claiming, for example, that they treat sleep apnea, sleeplessness, and other sleep disorders. 

According to NBC News, MyPillow Inc. was fined $1 million in November 2016 for misleading advertising. 

The self-proclaimed “sleep expert,” who lacks official medical background, has had a rocky personal life in addition to making questionable claims about his product. 

According to The Wealth Record, his second marriage only lasted two weeks, whereas his divorce from his first wife lasted more than 20 years.

Why did his first marriage fail?

Dallas Yocum and her brother departed the state after Mike Lindell filed for divorce a few days after her breakdown. Looking back at old images with his wife, Lindell realized she was never smiling. 

He then suspected that she was only interested in him for financial gain. August 2013: “I get stronger daily,” Lindell told The Star Tribune. “I haven’t [lost my temper]. 

There was dismay at the thought that someone could do such a thing. God helped me make it through. 

Constant intercession. Suddenly, you’re like, “What?… I’ve never been this taken aback before.”

Lindell received the answers he wanted when her friends informed him it was all an elaborate scam and that Yocum had not stolen her wedding ring, expensive jewelry, or money from her title as director of customer service at MyPillow. 

Yocum lucked out because of the prenuptial agreement he had in place.

Lindell told the source that he was trying to write his autobiography while getting over his breakup but that he knew the book needed a new ending. 

The novel was intended to finish on June 8, the day before the former couple’s wedding. Book one will conclude with her telling me I’m dull, and now I’m living—book two. The outcome is anybody’s guess,” Lindell quipped to the Tribune.

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Is Kendra Reeves married to Mike Lindell?

According to an interview the businessman gave to the Florida chapter of The Salvation Army, he met his present girlfriend, Kendra Reeves (shown left), in 2014. 

Lindell claimed that Reeves did more than restore his happiness; he also renewed his faith in God. I’d probably start by saying, ‘Well, I believe in God.’ The situation was unique with her,” Lindell remarked. 

“As I was looking at her, I thought, ‘Wow, I want what she has.’ Unlike her, I never really connected with Jesus.

The 2017 “spiritual retreat” was a turning point in the trip for the Minnesota native. “I went in there hoping to get what Kendra had, the connection with Jesus,” he said. I gave up ultimately. 

That was the single most incredible thing that could have happened to me.

Lindell continued, “Since then, I can talk about Jesus Christ in a comparable way that I used to talk about a pillow. I still get excited when discussing it.

Lindell posted a photo with Reeves at the 2019 White House Christmas party, but we don’t know if the two are still together. 

Early Life and Family

Let’s talk about Mike’s family now: he’s been married twice, but neither time did it work out because he eventually got divorced. 

Mike Lindell’s first wife was named Karen Dickey, and he divorced his second wife, Dallas Yocum, after only two weeks of marriage in July 2013.

There still needs to be parental background knowledge about him on the web. Mike’s parents split up when he was seven, and Lindell relocated to a new city. Lindell has never been married and is now single.

He’s 59 years old, and he’s been working on expanding his My Pillow business. 

Early in his career, Lindell operates a variety of enterprises in Carver County, Minnesota, including a lunch wagon service, a carpet cleaning company, and a few restaurants and bars.

Everything the Mike Lindells should know about that Frank Speech Guy

As of 2023, Mike Lindell’s net worth is estimated to be USD 300 million, a testament to the immense popularity of his website, MyPillow. It’s worth noting his positive rapport with the outgoing President, Mr. Donald Trump, given his past political ties.

Mike Lindell’s Career – Businessman

In the 1980s, Lindell launched many successful companies, from nightclubs and restaurants to carpet cleaning services. 

In the 1980s and 1990s, he went through a bad patch and turned to alcohol, cocaine, and other substances to cope.

His then-spouse had just initiated divorce proceedings against him.

Authorities will foreclose on his home because he cannot pay his taxes and loan. However, his girlfriend Kendra Reeves gives him abundant encouragement and assistance.

Lindell founded My Pillow Inc. in 2004. And in 2009, he publicly declared that he had overcome his alcoholism via prayer to God. He took on more responsibility within a sizable Minnesota factory. 

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) had complaints with him in 2017.

The BBC terminated My Pillow’s accreditation because of customer feedback and a subsequent drop in popularity. 

However, in a statement, Lindell claimed, “Naturally, I am disappointed by the BBB’s decision.”

Lindell met with Donald Trump in August 2016. After being elected, Lindell praised him as “the most amazing president this country has ever seen in its history” because of his charismatic character.

According to Lindell’s remarks from the upcoming August 2019 address, “When I met with Donald Trump, it felt like a divine appointment, and when I walked out of that office, I decided I was going to go all in.”

Final Words

Mike Lindell Had a career that was full of ups and downs. Not even his relatives stayed for very long. However, Lindell’s first wife stayed by his side for over twenty years.

Then Dallas entered her life, and the couple remained together for two years, but now they can’t even stay married for more than two weeks. But Lindell has four kids with his wife, and one of them, Darren, is the company’s current chief operating officer.

Mike Lindell and Revees were together now; we do not know whether they are together or not, as he does not share his personal life normally on his official social media accounts.