Is Colby Ryan Still Married? Surviving Son Of Lori Vallow

Is Colby Ryan Still Married

Many people are curious about is Colby Ryan still married, wondering if he is still married.

Colby Ryan, the eldest son of Lori Vallow, tragically lost his two younger brothers in 2020 due to a series of disturbing events that shocked the nation.

To delve deeper into the heart-wrenching story and gain a better understanding of Colby Ryan’s current marital status, we invite you to explore the thought-provoking and compelling article provided below.

Additionally, within the article, you will find comprehensive information about Colby Ryan’s wife, including her name background, and detailed biography, age, and net worth, offering you a comprehensive perspective on his life and experiences.

Is Colby Ryan still married? Who is his wife?

Yes, the only surviving son of Lori Vallow is Colby Ryan still married. His wife is Kelsee Ryan’s husband. 

Originally from Arizona, Kelsee initially met Colby Jordan in middle school since her brother was acquainted with him. 

But during their junior high years, their bond became stronger. 

Even though they both sensed there was room for more in their relationship, Colby didn’t make the official approach to Kelsee until she was a college student.

The early disapproval of Kelsee by Colby’s mother Lori was a problem for their relationship.  The main reason for this was because Lori thought her son was deviating from LDS Church doctrine. 

In an attempt to get Colby’s attention, Lori’s actions frequently came across as domineering and passive-aggressive, according to Kelsee.

After Kelsee and Colby became engaged and got married, Kelsee revealed that she continued to keep her distance from Lori as her conduct became even more strange.

Kelsee and a few of Colby’s other relatives appeared to get along better. 

But after Charles Vallow passed away inexplicably in July of 2019, her viewpoint drastically shifted.

The disappearance of Colby’s younger siblings, 16-year-old Tylee Ryan and 7-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow, changed the course of events dramatically. 

During these disturbing incidents, Kelsee painstakingly went through their family’s digital data to assist her husband in his search for information. 

Sadly, their efforts had no noteworthy outcomes.

Riley, a daughter, was Kelsee and Colby’s first child, whom they welcomed while navigating these difficulties.

The mystery of JJ and Tylee’s location remained unsolved despite their best efforts to obtain answers. 

The birth of their second child, Ava, in January 2022 marked the continuation of their adventure.

Is Kelsee Ryan still married to Colby Ryan?

According to reports, Kelsee Ryan and Colby Ryan are no longer husband and wife. They allegedly split up in the middle of 2022.

Kelsee accused Colby of sexually abusing her on August 31, 2022. 

It’s uncertain if they will get a divorce. Because they were still friends, Kelsee told the police Colby had come to her house that evening to watch TV.  It seemed like a consented kiss went awry.

According to Kelsee’s account, she had repeatedly stated that she didn’t want to engage in sexual activity and that she wanted things to end. 

She protested, but 26-year-old Colby kept touching her inappropriately.

Kelsee has not addressed the incident or explained the charges’ quick dismissal. 

Her online persona suggests that she is conquering challenges. 

Her girls and her work are her top priorities right now. She prioritizes parenthood and her job in Mesa, Arizona.

What is Colby Ryan’s age: 

Considering that age serves as a measure of both youthful exuberance and wisdom, it’s natural to wonder about Colby Ryan’s age.

Although we may have witnessed various phases of Colby Ryan’s life in the past, change is an inevitable companion of time.

It’s not uncommon for the topic of Colby Ryan’s age to spark curiosity and conjecture.

Colby Ryan’s children

Previously, Colby was married to Kelsee Benson, and together they had two children. However, in September 2022, Colby found himself embroiled in serious legal troubles.

His wife, now known as Kelsee Ryan, accused him of sexual assault, resulting in his arrest and detention. The precise details of the allegations remain unclear.

Before this unfortunate turn of events, Colby Ryan gained recognition for his involvement in the thought-provoking Netflix documentary titled “Sins of Our Mother.”

In this documentary, he courageously shared his experience growing up with a mother who belonged to a religious cult.

Additionally, Colby exerted his creativity as a writer, penning a novel called “The God Over Odds.”

Through this book, he recounts his personal journey from being the son of a cult member to a man who discovered solace in his faith.

Kelsee Ryan’s professional career

Formerly known as Kelsee Benson, Kelsee Ryan was married to Colby Ryan, Lori Daybell’s son.

They have two children together throughout their time together. 

Kelsee played herself in TV miniseries such as “Sins of Our Mother” and “The Truth About Lori Vallow.”

Additionally, Kelsee made severe accusations of rape against Colby, her now ex-husband. 

As a consequence, Colby was charged with a crime in 2022. These accusations were later dropped, though.

Kelsee Ryan’s net worth 2023

Lori Vallow Daybell’s son Colby Ryan and Kelsee Ryan were previously married. 

While Kelsee’s financial situation isn’t publicly known, it is known that Colby’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is between $1 million and $5 million.

The Netflix documentary “Sins of Our Mother,” which explores the life of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell, features appearances by both Colby and Kelsee. 

The fact that Kelsee accused Colby of rape, a charge he firmly disputes, is a crucial factor.

What is Colby Ryan’s net worth?

Colby Ryan’s net worth is either unknown or hasn’t been disclosed to the public. We are presenting facts based on the year 2022.

The anticipated amount accounts for his revenues from previous ventures, such as his first employment and his diverse skill set.

Colby Ryan may have looked into investing options to increase the value of his net worth overall and possibly maximize his profits.

Where is Colby Ryan now?

The captivating star of the well-known reality TV program “Colby Ryan’s Wild Adventures,” Colby Ryan, has left viewers curious about his whereabouts as of late. 

Many people were interested in learning about the daring nature lover’s latest endeavors following his widely reported divorce.

It may surprise you to hear that Colby Ryan has elevated his passion for exploration to unprecedented levels. 

Right now, he’s enjoying the best life possible in Montana’s untamed wilderness, where there are countless options for heart-pounding activities and stunning scenery.

Colby Ryan has genuinely embraced Montana’s alpine lifestyle. 

He’s constantly looking for the next exhilarating experience, whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or rock climbing. 

Colby, who considers the magnificent Rockies to be his playground, has gained local notoriety for his audacious stunts and contagious enthusiasm.