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Introducing The Marketplace App You Have been Waiting For!

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Do you have something to sell? Maybe an old piece of furniture, maybe a homemade DIY article, maybe raise funds for your local charity? You are in luck! Local entrepreneur, Mike Bell has just the thing for you. findThat is a digital platform where you can list your items and meet buyers in your locality. Posting ads is absolutely free and so is the item delivery. The app is made with consideration to facilitate the local community and boost the local economy. 

The digital marketplace has been dominated by big players like Gumtree, Shpock and letgo backed by global entities, but these big players had deficiencies especially with regards to the accessibility to the local communities. With this in mind and many other such problematic deficiencies, mike bell with his team set out to build an app of which the first priority was to tackle these specific lacking and then to build an app on top of it which can provide the best facilities to its users. So in a way, since its inception, findThat was designed in such a way to keep up with the competition from already established competitors and provide the best app possible. Along with these features, findThat has some additional features like a link to WhatsApp, rating system, local deal finder and many other smart features.

Future plans for findThat include a global rollout by the end of this year and gradual inclusion of all local communities on a daily basis, making the app very techsavvy and relevant according to the growing digital atmosphere. With the inclusion of a digital payment system, founder Mike bell hopes to make findThat the all-rounder app which might one day dominate the needs of the local communities and be a key player in online marketplaces worldwide.

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