Igor Montemor Believes Influencer Marketing Is The Future


A few years ago, social media was mainly used for posting updates and for connecting with people. However, the definition has changed over time. Now, social media is used for many other purposes, such as marketing. One of the main types of social media marketing is influencer marketing, which refers to influencers endorsing a product or company.

So who are these influencers? Well, they are just normal people who have built a name for themselves and are trusted by thousands of people. Due to this reason, companies all over the world are collaborating with these individuals for marketing purposes – and Igor Montemor believes that this trend will become more and more popular in the near future.

Born in Brazil and raised in Florida, Igor Montemor is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Connections Collective, a US-based digital marketing and web development agency. Igor excels in influencer marketing and came into the field as a young adult. Since Igor lived in Florida, he would visit Miami very often and there, he met many different influencers from around the globe.

Soon, he developed an interest in social media marketing – particularly influencer marketing – and this led to him studying the ABC of this niche all by himself. Igor spent months in understanding the dynamics of influencer marketing and specialized in it using the resources available on the internet. Since then, Igor has helped hundreds of influencers in achieving success.

“Nowadays, every other person wants to become an influencer, and they do not understand that it is not easy to become one. There is a lot of hard work and dedication required and most importantly, in order to become popular in the crowd, you need to have an edge over others. I and my team help our clients identify that edge so that they can reach heights of success within a few months,” he says.

When speaking about the future of influencer marketing, Igor said that he is very optimistic about it. He believes that social media, in general, has provided a vast number of opportunities for people and that soon, every individual with the proper knowledge of social media would able to make a career out of it.

Igor further added that companies are now leaning towards digital marketing – especially influencer marketing – as it allows them to connect with their target market more personally as compared to running ads on television and billboards.

Currently, Igor’s clientele includes many famous personalities and entities including David Beckham’s MLS team Inter Miami CF, Prive Luxury Rentals and many more. His work and success is a true reflection of his in-depth knowledge of digital marketing.