How Much Is Joel Osteen Worth? Who Is Joel Osteen?

How Much Is Joel Osteen Worth? Who Is Joel Osteen?

Preacher, televangelist, and author Joel Osteen, who hails from the United States, has an estimated net worth of $100 million. But how he became so famous and rich? Find out everything in this article. 

The role that brought Joel Osteen the most notoriety was that of pastor of the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. 

As a result of his immense personal fortune and broad endorsement of the so-called “prosperity gospel,” he has emerged as a somewhat controversial figure. 

His messages have been critiqued for excessive emphasis on the personal growth and development of the listener. 

Located in Houston, his megachurch occupies a 600,000 square feet sports stadium that accommodates 17,000 people – an impressive feat of architecture.

Who is Joel Osteen?

On March 5, 1963, in Texas, United States of America, John Osteen and Dolores Pilgrim gave birth to Joel Scott Osteen, better known as Joel Osteen. 

John and Dolores raised Joel alongside his five siblings. Joel’s grandfather served as a pastor at the Lakewood Church, which his father established. 

Joel pursued his education at Humble High School and received his diploma in 1981. He then earned his bachelor’s degree at Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma.

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Joel’s father passed away in 1999, and Joel assumed the role of senior pastor at the Lakewood Church soon after. 

Recently, a plumber discovered cash worth $600,000 packed between the walls at Joel Osteen’s residence, linking him to a scandal

Joel Osteen Career

Joel is responsible for running the Lakewood Church and its television ministry. 

He established the current television program at Lakewood and served as the producer of his father’s televised sermons for 17 years. 

Though Joel had very little formal religious training, he took over his father’s job as a pastor and televangelist two weeks following John’s passing, even though Joel had never been to seminary. 

In 2003, Lakewood purchased the Compaq Center, formerly the arena for the National Basketball Association (NBA) Houston Rockets basketball franchise. 

Over 15 months, the remodeling was completed at a cost of over 105 million dollars.

During the grand opening, 56,000 people attended, including some notable dignitaries; Barbara Walters named Steen one of her 10 Most Fascinating People in her 2006 list. 

In 2008, people in more than one hundred nations watched the weekly service broadcast on the church’s television stream.

In 2010, President Obama hosted an Easter breakfast at the White House and invited Joel and his family to join him there.

Since then, the viewership of the broadcast from Lakewood Church has increased dramatically, and it is now available in one hundred different nations. 

The church and the television ministry have grown substantially due to Joel’s efforts in recent years. 

Every week, the church is visited by more than 50,000 people who are interested in becoming parishioners. 

An average of 7 million people watch Osteen’s weekly TV sermons each week, and 20 million people watch them each month.

Although he does not possess a degree of any kind, he has honed his abilities as a preacher to a fine art under the tutelage of his father. 

Regarding the preparation for his sermons, Osteen commits his speeches to memory and then listens to an audio recording of himself delivering the same lecture. 

Osteen has stated that he tries to instruct Biblical ideas in a way that is easy to understand and uncomplicated, emphasizing the transformative power of love and a constructive outlook.

Personal life

On April 4, 1987, Osteen and Victoria IIoff, who served as a minister at Lakewood Church, tied the knot. A son and a daughter have born to the couple due to their union. 

Both of Osteen’s older siblings as well as his younger sister, are also active in ministry on a full-time basis.

However, Osteen has noted that the church can often overly focus on a specific subject to the point where it neglects other issues. 

Osteen avoids preaching about controversial and political matters such as homosexual marriage and abortion. He has made it clear that he does not support homophobia. 

Osteen has also been vocal about his support for the Israeli government. 

In 2011, the band The American Dollar sued Osteen and Lakewood Church, accusing them of copyright infringement.

The judge’s decision was favorable to Osteen.

Is Joel Osteen divorced?

No, Joel Osteen is not divorced. Rumors about his divorce from his wife Victoria have been circulating for years, but Victoria Osteen has publicly denied them.

After more than three decades together, there is no indication that the couple’s marriage is faltering.

Salary & Net worth

There is a belief that Joel Osteen earns over $70 million annually through combined book sales, a radio show, public speaking fees, and church collection.

He has yearly an estimated net worth of $100 million. 

When questioned about this extraordinary income, Joel responds that a person should not experience feelings of guilt for obtaining a great deal of worldly wealth. 

Instead, he thinks that one ought to appreciate and praise God for the prosperity God has granted them.

In his claim, he claims he does not receive a salary from the church and that he earns his income solely from the sale of books.