Heelscape: Online Hub Of Luxury Retail

Heelscape Online Hub Of Luxury Retail

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has led us to change some of the many ways we went about our daily routines. With most people working from home and only stepping out for essentials, consumer behavior has been largely affected.

Even in the absence of the disease threat, the trend of online shopping has been on the rise. Online shopping sites are becoming more and more creative these days, becoming tough competition for stores that upheld the legacy for decades. One such example is the fall of the New York luxury brand retail store Barneys. Barneys’ has been in the business of selling luxury brands of clothes for over 100 years and is now set to close for good in February 2020. Another department store under the threat of closing for bankruptcy is Lord and Taylor, who may have to shut down their 38 department stores. Other names under threat of closing down include J.C Penny and Neiman Marcus.

Owing to the changes in consumer behavior and the shutting down of many department stores, there has been a significant increase in e-commerce every year. According to Digital commerce 360, there had been a 14.4% increase in online retail sales in 2019, compared to 2018.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and preference of people for online shopping, online shopping trends are to increase by as much as 30.6% according to a survey. These circumstances provide a great chance for consumers to explore up and rising Online luxury brand retailers. One such trustable platform is Heelscape.

About Heelscape – Luxury Redefined

Heelscape is an online luxury brand retailer that connects customers to the world’s top brands & couture labels. It is an online store boutique featuring hundreds of famous designers and couture brands Their offices and warehouses are located in Estonia-Sweden, Vancouver & New York City, but most of their operations are based online.

Heelscape is home to many luxury brands for consumers to choose from, these include Armani, Dolce Gabbana, Gucci, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs to name a few. The platform not only provides access to these brands but also uses modern technology to curate and personalize the experience for users and helps them find styles more suited for their personal preference. Their algorithm uses changing fashion trends into account and caters to all ages and styles. Making the shopping experience more personalized and exclusive for each and every customer.

As a brand, Heelscape aims to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. It aims at bringing ease and comfort to the experience of online shopping and has been working to make sure that happens. The platform also offers an exciting VIP membership, where the members receive exclusive benefits. These include a first look at the latest collections, weekly updates from their team along with exclusive discounts and vouchers, and a small present for you on your birthday.

Not only this, but Heelscape also has A Stylist Program which encourages up and coming fashion stylists, fashion designers and other related professionals to join in, to use their own styling and selling techniques to help customers. This way, they can not only offer their clients a stylist discount but also earn a commission for all their sales. This program is always hiring and seeking new ways to create opportunities for these stylists.

About The Woman Behind The Venture

Shannon Leigh McBeth is the owner and founder of Heelscape. Shannon used her appreciation for fashion and her desire to cater to customer ease and comfortability to come up with the idea of Heelscape. As a fashion enthusiast herself, Shannon realized the effort that goes into finding the perfect dress or fashion accessory, she thinks back and says  “Whenever I wanted a new dress, I had to browse through several different websites or go to the outlets themselves. Not only was it a hassle, but it would also take up a lot of time.” and those of us that have ever wanted to find the right dress, know that the effort is real!

Thus, Shannon came up with the “all brands under one roof” idea for an online store that delivers products all around the world.

It is true that bringing luxury brand shopping online is a different approach from the brick-and-mortar ways of iconic stores like Barney and J.C penny, but with the world evolving it was only a matter of time that shopping too became a virtual experience. Platforms like Heelscape are not only more suited for the fast paced world today but also saves a lot of time and hassle. As Shannon says, “from the runway to your closet” and all from the comfort of your own couch!