Gad Saad Wife: Details About His Secretive Partner

gad saad wife

He is an accomplished lecturer and writer, but nothing is known about Gad Saad wife. She likes to avoid the spotlight, so she is a little mysterious.

His wife likes to attend his events, and she fully supports him. She is a responsible lady who knows what are the true duties of a wife and a mother. 

Gad Saad wife is a loving person, and she is devoted to her husband and kids. Let’s learn more about her.

Who is Gaad Saad wife?

For than 20 years, Gad Saad has been married, but he has chosen to keep his wife’s identity a secret. A photo he posted shows her in the background.

He made light of the situation on Twitter by joking that his wife considers herself to be a Korean man, making their union an interracial same-sex union.

Even though he is transparent about his life on social media, he hides the identity of his wife.

How Gad Saad met his wife?

Gad published a piece titled “How I Met My Wife” on Psychology Today in December 2019. Saad reported that a man asked him to provide corporate seminars at his telemarketing company on topics like consumer psychology and the psychology of decision-making after approaching him at the gym. 

“Fortunately for me, even though I wasn’t overly satisfied with the compensation, I eventually accepted her offer,” Saad stated. However, some things are more significant than money.

As Saad exited the elevator for the first seminar, he encountered his future wife. Saad claimed that the woman was not particularly happy to be required to attend a dull business event on a Saturday. He remarked, “I thank the heavens that it was required for her to attend.”

Saad thought it was “very thoughtful and sweet” of the woman to bring Gad a cup of hot tea when he was suffering from bronchitis, but he didn’t overthink it. He went on:

“I put on my business face! The woman in question showed a lot of interest in the material over the following several weeks, which I thought was wonderful to see, but as I eventually discovered, this was all a big fake. I was being drawn into her love’s web.”

When Saad finished the seminars, he assumed he would never see the “elevator” lady again. However, common acquaintances introduced them, and they had their first date at a theater.

Gad’s wife clinched the deal by showing up at his place of employment with food for an inside picnic. He stated: “She arrived at my office a few days later with a basket full of snacks for an indoor picnic. I was finished. What follows is history. After 20 years, I went back to that same theater yesterday to watch The Joker with the “elevator” lady (my wife). Early in December 1999, Gad wed his bride.”

Is Gad Saad wife a Jew? 

Fans continue to speculate about the identity of Gad Saad’s wife and wonder if she is Jewish as well.

But even that remains a mystery. Gad was born to a Jewish household in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1964.

When he was just 11 years old, shortly after the Lebanon Civil War, his family moved to Quebec, Canada in quest of better grazing land.

Gad Saad’s education 

Saad completed his master’s and doctorate at Cornell University before transferring to McGill University for his MBA.

Saad is one of the most prominent psychologists and a leading figure in the industry after many years of study and dedication. 

Gad Saad’s 23 years of marriage

Saad has been married to his mysterious wife for 23 years, unlike many famous people whose marriages do not endure for long.

He claimed that not having a jealousy issue has been the key to his long-lasting marriage. In a podcast conversation with Joe Rogan, Saad claimed that jealousy has never been a problem in his marriage. 

Saad says his wife is a “Korean Man” 

Gad shared pictures on Twitter in September 2020 of him and his wife out for a stroll. In response to the post, a netizen labeled him a homophobe. Saad paraphrased the answer and stated:

“Despite being a woman by birth, my wife self-identifies as a Korean guy”

Gad has kept his wife’s identity a secret by choosing not to upload front-facing pictures of her or disclose her name. Although she has made the account private, she does have a Twitter account.

Saad’s wife runs a prosperous business. She leads a firm that specializes in marketing to small businesses as its CEO.

The couple has kept their connection a very close-knit one. Saad, though, spoke candidly about his wife and how she has improved him in an interview with The Daily Beast.

Saad stated, “My wife is an outstanding human being. She is extremely intelligent and successful in her own right.”

Jealousy is not an issue in Gad’s marriage 

Gad’s wife has always been a kind and dependable companion for him, even during challenging times in his professional life.

She is also his closest friend, and he has complete faith in her. Gad has never been the sort to be envious, and he thinks it’s a waste of energy.

The couple builds their strong bond on trust and respect for one another. They are still deeply in love and have never had any significant fights or disagreements.

Gad and his wife serve as evidence that a relationship can survive jealousy.

Gad Saad’s net worth

His estimated net worth of $54 million is due to his many successful ventures, which include operating a popular YouTube channel, contributing to renowned blogs, and working as an academic.

Final words

In conclusion, Gad Saad doesn’t publicly identify her, he speaks favorably of her, making her a popular figure among his followers.

Despite not knowing who she is, his praise and admiration for her have made a good impression on his supporters.