Who Is Franklin Barnes And Where Is He Now?

franklin barnes

Franklin Barnes stands accused of committing multiple murders, leaving a trail of devastation in his wake.

Law enforcement reveals that on March 29, Barnes shot and killed two individuals in Arlington.

He then proceeded to Plano, where he mercilessly took the lives of four more victims.

An 18-year-old suspect, responsible for the tragic deaths of six innocent people during a fateful encounter in March from Arlington to Plano, now faces charges for these atrocious crimes, as per court documents.

Officials found Winston Davis and Joshua Daniels, both 25, shot dead in a parked vehicle at an Arlington apartment complex that morning.

Tragedy struck later today as Quintarius Young, 29, was shot at Cross Creek Apartments in Plano, confirmed by law enforcement.

Where is Franklin Barnes now?

Franklin Lee Barnes is in Collin County Jail, facing charges of murder, attempted murder, and serious assault for the Cross Creek Apartments attack on March 29.

According to the arrest warrant, Barnes randomly shot two people in the face, killing one and injuring his girlfriend while seemingly targeting two victims.

What’s the real story? Is Franklin Barnes innocent?

Barnes didn’t disclose his girlfriend’s identity but mentioned they met in Arlington and visited a marijuana shop in the early morning.

Arlington police didn’t charge Franklin, but phone records placed him at the back of the apartment when the murder occurred.

Barnes states that he and his girlfriend smoked much of the drug while traveling to Plano, where he purchased more from his friend Quintarius Young.

Later that morning, Barnes’ friend Young was killed in a shooting spree reported to the Plano police, with three others injured. Barnes denies participating in the shootings and said he was sad for his dead friend.  

Barnes replied, “Man, I can’t even. You know I truly shed my tears. That hurt, and I’ve already cried. I surely didn’t shoot anyone. Apart from this, I don’t remember that I shot anyone, and I don’t have a gun with me.”

Franklin said he spent time with his girlfriend after buying drugs from his friend Young. Then, he returned to Mckinney’s home. He slept until Thursday evening when police entered his home. 

Barnes declared involved, is held in Collin County jail with a $1.25 million bond for attempted murder related to Young’s death.

What happened in Texas?

When questioned, Young’s girlfriend mentioned that while drying her hair, Young brought up his friend “Frank” entering their home.

Following a loud chaos, Barnes burst into the bathroom and shot her in the face. Despite being hurt, she could leave the restroom and discovered Young, who had also been shot, lying on the floor with his eyes closed.

Police also spoke with two other persons, both apartment building residents. A worker alleged that as he walked past Barnes en route to Young’s apartment, which is in the same building. They briefly touched heads before Barnes shot him in the face.

When Barnes approached the victim, whom another employee was helping, he shot her in the face.

Both people recovered from their wounds, and Barnes drove away in a gray car.

The arrest warrant document stated that Police had suspected Barnes’s involvement in two other murders that occurred in the morning prior to the shooting scene in Plano. Investigators were looking into the matter.

Updates about Franklin Barnes

Witnesses said that one victim ran to Barnes and was shot dead, while another tried to save the first one. Franklin escaped in a car.

Police further believe that he played a role in the murders of Winston David and Joshua Daniels, whose lifeless bodies were discovered in a car at Arlington apartments on the day the Plano murders took place.

The two were familiar to Barnes. Since the shootings are still under investigation, more information concerning their connection has not been made public. On the same day of the incident, Plano police grabbed Barnes in McKinney.