The Story Of Frances Marie Martin: Wife of Hal Linden

The Story Of Frances Marie Martin: Wife of Hal Linden

Frances Marie Martin was the partner of the late actor, television director, and musician Harold Lipshitz, better known as Hal Linden. Frances Marie Martin passed away in 2010. 

Frances and her spouse Hal Linden were married for several decades until Frances’s death when Frances’s husband Hal Linden divorced Frances. Hal, Frances’s husband, is most well-known for playing the titular role of the comedic television series Barney Miller. 

The performance of Mayer Rothschild that he gave in the musical The Rothschilds earned him the Tony Award for Best Actor.

Early life

Frances marie was born on September 28, 1927, in the city of New York, which is SITU in the state of New York in the United States. 

On September 28 each year, they throw her a birthday party to commemorate her special day. 

According to several sources, her mother, Christine Weber (1896-1973), and her father, Emil Martin (1896-1984), were her parents.

Frances Marie Martin is a citizen of the United States under the name Frances Marie Martin. 

She spent her childhood at Palisades Park, which is located in New Jersey. There is no information on her siblings. Thus it is unknown whether or not she has any further relatives. 


Frances Marie had a successful career in performing arts as a dancer before her big break in the Californian film industry. Her relocation led her to prolific roles in motion pictures such as Tattletales (1974) and Dinah! (1974).

After Frances Marie got married and started a family, she decided to give up her profession. 

She became a homemaker and voluntarily gave up her work to focus on raising her family. 

Frances Marie Martin was the mother of four children and the wife of Hal Linden, who was her husband. She and Hal had four children: three daughters and a son.

Married life 

Frances Marie Martin and Hal Linden, her husband, were married for over fifty years. 

Their marriage lasted for 52 years before finally ending due to death. 

Their marriage was a true testament to a lifelong bond, as they remained inseparable until Frances’s passing. The couple demonstrated unwavering love while staying fiercely committed to their relationship.

Their joyful union brimmed with happiness and affection for each other. It didn’t take them long to start dating after their first meeting.

After the first meeting in 1955, while both participated in a summer stock production, the couple eventually tied the knot on April 13, 1958. 

The partnership of the couple has resulted in the birth of four children.

Nora Kathryn Linden, Ian Martin Linden, Jennifer Dru Linden, and Amelia Christine Linden were all born to Frances Marie Martin and her husband, Hal Linden, the proud parents of all four of their children. 

None of their children has ever been involved in anything that would attract attention or turmoil. The internet provides relatively little information on them.

Who is Hal Linden, husband of Frances Marie Martin?

Hal Linden is a stage and screen actor, television director, and musician born in the United States on March 20, 1931, under the name Harold Lipshitz.

In the 1950s, Linden began his professional career as a musician and singer in big bands. 

After servings in the United States Army for some time, he embarked on a career as an actor, initially beginning his work in summer stock and off-Broadway companies. 

When Linden took over for Sydney Chaplin in the Broadway musical Bells Are Ringing, he was immediately met with critical acclaim and commercial success. 

In 1962, he appeared in the off-Broadway revival of the Cole Porter musical Anything Goes, where he played Billy Crocker. 

He had honored with the Tony Award for Best Actor in 1971 for the role of Mayer Rothschild that he played in the musical The Rothschilds.

1974 was the year when Linden was cast in the role that would become his most famous, that of the title character in the television comedy series Barney Miller. 

Because of his performance in this role, he was nominated for seven times in  Primetime Emmy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards. 

While this show was on the air, Linden hosted two other educational shows, FYI and Animals, Animals, Animals. 

He was awarded two special Daytime Emmys for the latter series, which he won. Since then, Linden has maintained his career on stage, in film and television roles as a guest star. 

It’s Never Too Late was the title of his debut album, which featured jazz and pop standards and was published in 2011.

How old is Frances Marie Martin?

Frances Marie was born on September 28, 1927, in the city of New York, which is SITU in the state of New York in the United States.  

How did Frances Marie Martin die?

Frances Marie Martin passed away on July 9, 2010, in Santa Monica, which is located in Los Angeles County in the United State of America.

 When she exhaled her last breath, she was 82 years old. She had lived an entire life. There is no new information to illuminate the mystery surrounding her passing. 

Where is Frances Marie Martin’s husband Hal Linden?

Hal Linden, the deceased spouse of Frances Marie Martin, will turn 92 years old in 2023. 

He arrived on March 20, 1931, in The Bronx, New York City, United States. It is thought that he is in good health and still alive. 

Hal Linden has maintained his career in the theater, film, and television in guest-starring roles. His professional life spans more than six decades at this point.