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Everything You Need to Know About a ‘Lifestyle Entrepreneur”

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The good chances are that you might have heard the term ‘lifestyle entrepreneur’ and ended up with arousing your curiosity cells. Upon hearing, it sounds interesting, right? But you need to know much more about this type of business. As it is not probably has something to do with traveling the world and simple entrepreneurship as many thinks.

So, what is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

The term, lifestyle entrepreneur, was first coined by Lewis Howes and took no time to grown wildly in popularity across many countries. And, today it seems like everyone wants to be a lifestyle entrepreneur.

A lifestyle entrepreneur is a person who establishes a business with the intent of altering their way of living. Unlike other entrepreneurs, lifestyle entrepreneurs make their living online without owning any physical location. All they need is a laptop equipped with an internet connection to manage or operate their work all over the world. They concentrate more on the life rewards provided to people that enjoy and have a passion for what they are doing.

Difference between Entrepreneurs and lifestyle entrepreneurs

To make the term “lifestyle entrepreneur” clearer, we need to get rid of confusion of mixing up the term “lifestyle entrepreneur” to “traditional entrepreneurs.”

  1. Entrepreneurs seek investors. Lifestyle entrepreneur, on the other hand, don’t.
  2. Entrepreneurs work are strategic. Lifestyle entrepreneurs aren’t interested in an exit strategy.
  3. Entrepreneurs are restricted by physical location, whereas lifestyle entrepreneur’s work allows freedom and can be operated anywhere in the world.
  4. Entrepreneurs are interested in generating revenue. Lifestyle entrepreneurs crave adventure.  
  5. Entrepreneurs give some generated revenue to charity. Lifestyle entrepreneurs give their valuable efforts and time.
  6. Entrepreneurs strive hard to realize their business goals. Lifestyle entrepreneurs focus on life goals.
  7. Entrepreneurs focus on contriving organizational structures. Lifestyle entrepreneurs stay involved at the transactional level.

How to Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

Without any pinch of doubt, this type of entrepreneurship is interesting and empowers you with the ability to create something impactful for the world, whilst living on your terms and without compromising your freedom or privacy. So, if you find some attraction in it, here are some steps you can use to become a lifestyle entrepreneur.

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