Elizabeth Ashley Wharton: Vince Neil’s Daughter

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton: Vince Neil's Daughter

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton is a well-known musician and singer from the United States. She plays the bass. 

Elizabeth is also renowned for being the celebrity daughter of the prominent American musician Vince Neil and his first wife, Beth Lynn. 

Beth Lynn was also a famous singer in the United States. While her father is most known as the main singer for the band “Motley Crue,” Elizabeth thinks of herself as the “Mahou Shoujo of Gore.”

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

Quick Facts

Full Name Elizabeth Ashely Wharton
Date of Birth October 29, 1983
Nickname Elizabeth Wharton
Marital Status Married
Birthplace USA
Ethnicity White
Age/ How Old 39 Years Old
Profession Celebrity
Nationality American
Parents Vince Neil and Beth Lynn
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Children Not Known
Spouse/Husband Will Loomis
Net Worth $200,000

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Early Life, Ethnicity Nationality

On October 29, 1983, Elizabeth Ashley Wharton was born in the United States of America. Elizabeth was brought into the world by her parents, Vince Neil, her father, and Beth Lynn, her mother. 

The year 1981 marked Vince and Beth’s wedding, and 1985 was the year of their divorce.

Elizabeth’s older half-brother, Neil Jason Wharton, was born in 1978, making him her older half-brother. 

Unfortunately, Elizabeth’s younger half-sister, Skylar Lynnae Neil, passed away in 1995 from cancer when she was only four years old.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton, who appears to be in her early 30s, has astonishingly already reached the age of 38 as of the year 2021 and will quickly get the age of 40 in October 2023. Her nationality is that of the United States. 

She has not disclosed either her religious affiliation or her racial background. The number six, garnet as her lucky stone, and purple as her random color are all associated with her. 

She embodies many characteristics of the Scorpio personality, including self-assurance, bravery, dedication, determination, ambition, passion, and perseverance. She enjoys going on adventures, singing, listening to music, watching television shows and movies, and hanging out with her close friends and relatives.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Parents: Vince Neil’s Daughter

Neil, born and raised in the state of California, tied the knot with Beth Lynn in 1981. The year after that, Vince joined the band Motley Crue as their lead vocalist. 

Motley Crue is a heavy metal band. In 1981, he was offered his first position in the recording industry by the band, and that same year, the band published its first album, titled Too Fast for Love.

Since then, he has collaborated with the band to produce several albums and songs that pack a serious punch. Despite Neil’s incredible success in the music industry, his marriage to Beth did not survive very long.

Despite this, the couple divorced in 1985 after only having been married for four years. After her parents divorced, Elle moved in with her mother and spent most of her time there. 

But, she did pay her father occasional visits. Following the conclusion of her marriage to Neil, her mother, Lynn, has adopted a more low-key lifestyle.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Career

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton is a famous singer’s daughter born to an American musician and the lead vocalist of “Motley Crue” Vince Neil. Her mother is an American singer. 

In addition, she is the bassist and Mahou Shoujo for the band Gore.

Her father, Vince, had already served time in jail and was found guilty of vehicular manslaughter in the 1984 death of “Nicholas Razzle Dingley,” a drummer for the band “Hanoi Rocks.”

Vince Neil Ink is a tattoo parlor owned and operated by Elizabeth’s father, who is also a successful businessman. You can locate the store on the famous Las Vegas Boulevard. In addition, he was the financial backer of the Vince Vineyards winery.

Her father was a member of the heavy metal band Motley Crue and had made numerous contributions to the band’s albums. 

However, after the release of the greatest hits album “Decade of Decadence 81-91” in 1991, her father quit the band, and Motley Crue went their separate ways. 

The other band members concluded that Vince was responsible for the band’s lack of progression because the singer’s drinking habit negatively impacted his performance, and he even skipped the band rehearsal.

Loomis & the Lust is an independent California pop-rock band created in 2008, and Elizabeth serves as the band’s bassist. 

Her husband, who is also a band member, performs as the band’s frontman. “Space Camp” was the band’s debut extended play, released in 2010.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Husband

Will Loomis, who is also a musician, is the husband of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton, who is also a musician. 

After a lengthy courtship lasting several years, the couple tied the knot in October 2014. 

Elizabeth and Will are very much still together and have no plans to separate, contrary to Internet rumours. 

On January 13, 2015, the couple became parents for the first time to a beautiful baby girl.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Appearance

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton has a height of between five and six feet, according to her physical description. 

However, she has not divulge any information regarding her height, weight, breast size, hip size, waist size, or any other physical measures, such as her dress or shoe size. 

Elizabeth has a porcelain skin tone and hair that is a light blonde tint. In a similar vein, she has alluring blue eyes, which are a perfect complement to her whole appearance.

How Old Is Elizabeth Ashley?

On October 29, 1983, Elizabeth was born in California. By 2023, she will be 39 years old.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Net Worth

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton is a well-known name in the music world thanks to her accomplishments as a bassist. She was born into a famous family. 

By putting in a lot of effort and dedicating herself to her career, she has amassed a significant amount of popularity and riches. 

As of 2023, it is anticipated that Elizabeth will have a net worth of approximately $200,000.