Elise Hauenstein: Meet  Norm Abram’s Wife

Elise Hauenstein: Meet  Norm Abram's Wife

Elise Hauenstein, wife of Norm Abram, excels in pottery. The couple dwells in a unique, modified-classic Colonial home in Carlisle, Massachusetts. 

Norm designed the abode with the assistance of his father and industry experts.

She is most known to the general public as the better half of master carpenter Norm Abram, and she has made the most of her personal life by spending time with her loved ones. 

Due to the fact that her name is associated with a well-known figure, it is imperative that her existence be brought to the fore.

Despite this, the family has certainly put their best foot forward in making itself known to the public through various forms of media.

Some images of Elise can be found online for her many followers. Her identity is unknown now, even though most of them are seen with her husband. Let get to know about her in details as much we have;

Personal Life

Elise Hauenstein was born and raised in the United States of America. Her exact location of birth and upbringing is unknown. 

Hence, he is a citizen of the United States and belongs to the white ethnic group. There is no information on her actual date of birth or her family history that can be found on social media. 

We also need to find out for sure whether or not she is blessed with siblings.

Elise came from a wealthy household when she was born. Her youth was full of beautiful experiences. Her parents showed her great affection and concern throughout her upbringing. 

The wishes that she expresses to her parents are always granted. She was raised in an atmosphere that was always calm and welcoming to new people. 

He has a significant amount of education, which contributes to the fact that he is qualified. 

She completed her education at a prestigious private institution close to her childhood home. After that, she continued her study by enrolling in a college where she received her degree.

Abram can look back on two successful marriages at this stage in his life. He was formerly married to Laura Cone, but they ended their marriage and got a divorce in 1996. Even now, no one can say for sure what led to the end of their relationship.

On the other side, the TV host and Laura Cone are parents to a girl named Lindsey, whom they named after Laura. In 1999, he wed Elise Hauenstein, and they have been together since their wedding. 

Because she strongly emphasises privacy, very little information is known about their child. Elise Hauenstein is a skilled potter, and her work has earned her significant recognition.

Who is Elise Hauenstein’s husband?

Elise Hauenstein enjoys her roles as a wife and mother to the fullest. She was wed to her longstanding boyfriend, Norm Abram, and they had a child together. 

Her spouse, Norm Abram, hails from the United States of America and works as a carpenter. 

Before they finally decided to marry, the pair had already been together for a considerable time. After that, the team officially tied the knot in September 1999 by exchanging their wedding vows. 

Their nuptials were witnessed by their parents, as well as their friends, relatives, and the parents of their friends’ children. Everyone was overjoyed with the couple’s decision to be married.

Also, the two of them make a beautiful pair. After being married, the pair went on to have two children together. 

The family of four currently resides in Carlisle, Massachusetts, and includes both of the couple’s children. She designed and constructed a traditional two-story wood-frame-modified colonial home there. 

At this point, the pair does not need to seek anything outside their sphere. In addition, there is no proof that the couple divorced or separated. 

Their affection for one another blossoms with each passing day.

Elise Hauenstein Norman Abram Wedding

Norm and Elise call the typical Colonial house in Massachusetts in which they built themselves their home. 

In addition to hosting parties, cooking, and visiting museums and art galleries, their favourite activities include canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. They also enjoy going out on boats.

In Rhode Island, where Norm was raised, his father was a carpenter, and when Norm was a little child, he was introduced to the trade for the first time. 

During high school and college, Norm spent his summers working alongside his father on constructing and renovating one-of-a-kind homes. It helped him hone his talents. 

He attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, majoring in business administration and mechanical engineering.

After serving as a site supervisor for a multimillion-dollar construction company in New England for three years, he decided to strike out on his own in 1976 and launch Integrated Structures, Inc., a general contracting company. Up until 1989, he was in charge of the company. 

The remodelling and addition of existing homes was the company’s primary focus, although they did take on the rare assignment in the construction of new homes or businesses.

Elise Hauenstein Age 

As of 2023, she is 60 years old.