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E-Marketing Entrepreneurs & Power Of The Concept ‘Simplicity’

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E-Marketing Entrepreneurs & Power Of The Concept ‘Simplicity’

The modern consumer does not like to waste time. The contribution of social and environmental value joins the economic objectives pursued by entrepreneurs of the most modern societies. 

Whatever digital channel you choose to do marketing (social networks, YouTube, search engine advertising, blog, etc.), always keep in mind that Less Is More. Therefore, you must optimize the elements of the message to the maximum so that the client feels that every second he/she dedicated to interacting with it that was really worth it. Online marketing must be forceful, subtle and direct.

From the domain name you choose for your business website to the messages you send by email, they must be designed and optimized to ensure that the customer spends the least amount of time to obtain the information they need.

However, being simple is something really complicated. Many companies cling too much to communication protocols and, in the end; end up sending messages that are boring and irrelevant to the market. In the same way, they fill their websites with information that customers do not need or want to read.

On the Internet, you have 7 seconds to capture the attention of a user; therefore, any advertising piece you use must have an element of attraction that can be digested in those 7 seconds. Once you have the user’s attention, you have 7 seconds to influence him/her with an element that evokes his emotions and desires. Finally, if you have captured the user’s attention and have managed to capture his interest, the final step is to persuade him with a simple, direct and forceful call to action.

Avoid publishing graphic pieces full of information that the user does not need. You take care to attract, influence and persuade. And then he/she will be responsible for seeking or requesting all the information you may require to make the purchase.

A tip that is always recommended to companies is content, a benefit. Your product or service may have 10 thousand benefits, but you do not have to mention all the benefits in all the publications that you make. The idea is that you create a content plan and talk about your benefits strategically, without saturating your customers with a lot of information that they will surely ignore.

These are some of the elements in which you must apply the concept of simplicity:

When choosing the domain name of your website: The shorter and easier to pronounce the domain, the more effective and easy to remember it will be.

When choosing User Names in social networks: Choose short and easy-to-write usernames. Also, where possible, use the same username in all social networks of your business.

Inside your website: Avoid putting unnecessary elements that do not add value to the user and only make your page load slower.

When creating images, videos, audios and other content for social networks: Avoid creating contents full of irrelevant information.

When sending emails to your subscribers: If your clients get tired of receiving irrelevant information, they will end up sending you to the spam folder of their emails.

It is a big mistake to believe that all our customers are the same, and we must serve them in the same way. There is nothing further from reality. Each person is unique and looks for different things when they arrive at our company.  Therefore it is important to identify the characteristics of the consumer and thus apply the appropriate strategy to get to sell.

Check each of the elements that are mentioned in this article and make sure it is simple and effective. So you will be able to send the information as the client wants to receive it, not how you want to send it.