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Dr. Tori Brown: An Entrepreneur Who Creates Other Entrepreneurs


The word business development is becoming increasingly popular in the business sphere. However, many startups and entrepreneurs still don’t fully understand the function of business development. It is often misinterpreted as sales, even though it’s an entirely different area. Having a business development executive is essential for every business, as these individuals help create long-term value for the organization and this is important for long-term survival and growth.

Although there are several business development executives out there, only a handful of them have mastered this art. An example of such individuals is Dr. Tori Brown.

Dr. Tori Brown is a multifaceted author, entrepreneur, business developer, and professional strategist. She is the founder and owner of Fresh Docs Inc., a group of companies actively helping ordinary people start and fund their extraordinary business ideas, and Success Lockdown, a real estate investment company that also provides education on real estate investment platforms. Besides this, Dr. Tori has been working with emerging and legacy brands in sports, media, and entertainment for over 20 years and has helped several businesses in creating business models and strategies to providing them untethered access to non-traditional and traditional sources of funding.

Dr. Tori Brown’s diverse portfolio ranges from providing business development and management services to facilitating new contracts and partnerships across a multitude of industries including entertainment, sports, technology, and tourism. Some of her impressive work includes organizing a funding team that leveraged $1.2M capital for a start-up to develop a spa franchise in the greater Atlanta Area and facilitating contract negotiations for proposal partnerships between Delta Airlines Sky Club and the Clearette Franchise.

Like many other entrepreneurs, Dr. Tori Brown didn’t have it easy. After receiving her AA and BA degree in psychology and African-American studies, a master’s degree in school counseling and education, and a Ph.D. in psychology, Dr. Brown went on to pursue her passion for entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, she lost everything thrice before she learned how to keep and maintain financial assets. However, Dr. Tori Brown considered these failures as learning experiences and she didn’t give up easily. 20 years later, she’s one of the most successful business development executives in the U.S. running two thriving ventures.

According to Dr. Brown, one thing that really helped her during her struggling period was reading different entrepreneurship-related books in bookstores. In her exact words, “Everything I know about entrepreneurship, I learned it in the aisles of different bookstores”.  The thriving entrepreneur attributes much of her financial comeback to the knowledge and resources acquired from bookstores – a pivotal point in her journey and the inspiration behind starting both of her ventures.

Dr. Brown’s latest achievement is publishing her own book, “Acid Reflux: How To Stomach This Economy” in June 2020. This is a tell-all-book on how to improve your credit score and survive the financial discomfort in today’s dwindling economy while surviving the global COVID-19 pandemic. Following the success of her book, she has taken the next step forward and introduced a workshop, Acid Reflux the World, with an aim to help anyone who is facing a tough time due to the harsh economic conditions prevailing around the world.

When speaking about the workshop, Dr. Brown said, “What better way to enhance your children’s exposure to business and enhance family values than by starting a business during the national pandemic in order to be in a better financial position for your family? You have to do the work. The work is what creates revenues.”

It’s a well-known fact that passion is what drives every individual towards success. In Dr. Brown’s case, it’s her passion to build up the workforce of people who create companies that will improve the economy. The talented entrepreneur and business development expert have helped several businesses reach new heights of success and is now helping ordinary people do the same. Her work is truly commendable.