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Dreka Gates – Was Kevin Gates In An Intimate Relationship With His Cousin?

Dreka Gates – Was Kevin Gates In An Intimate Relationship With His Cousin?

Dreka Gates is the wife of famous American rapper Kevin Gates. Kevin Gates was recently gaining popularity on the internet because of his recent statement that shocked many fans.

The trailer of a podcast was aired, which was named Caresha Please Podcast. In this trailer, when the host directly asked an intimating question. 

Watching the trailer, you will see that the rapper admits that he has been intimate with his cousin. 

Kevin is currently 36 years old, and many of his fans have been keen to know more about his intimate relationship with his cousin, Dreka Gates. 

Dreka was recently spotted in public with Jojo Zarur. After the trailer was released, people were trolling and posting memes about the rapper’s relationships are held questionable. 

July 13, Wednesday, Yong Miami shared a teaser for the upcoming Caresha Please Podcast

The episode with Kevin’s cousin Dreka as the guest. 

The teaser was 54 seconds long. The netizens were shocked when Caresha asked Gates about his relationship with his cousin, Dreka Gates. The Los Angeles native shared about his affection for his cousin. 

Caresha asked Gates, “Did you really f**k your cousin?

Kevin answered,

“She pulled me to the side and said, ‘Baby, that’s your cousin,’ I ain’t about to stop!”

After the teaser went viral, another piece of information was highlighted on the internet that this was not the first time Kevin admitted being intimate with his cousin. 

In a 2015 Instagram post, Kevin shared a picture and wrote some captions related to Dreka, which tend to be flirting. 

He also discussed that his grandmother tried to stop the two once.

However, he said he wouldn’t let such insignificant family priorities get in their relationship. 

He said on his Instagram video: 

“Y’all look like brother and sister. S**t, no. I’m f**king the s**t out of her, come to find out she is my cousin. But I ain’t about to stop f**king with her. She had the p***y good and we clicked. She and I ain’t grew up around my people. I don’t get tired. Man, y’all going to stay out of my mother**king business.”

Dreka Gates, Kevin Gates’s Wife, Is A Successful Businesswoman

After the recent hype, the rapper Kevin Gates gained due to the shocking answer. Many fans are now wandering over the internet to know who is Kevin Gates’s wife, Dreka Gates.

Ome doubts were rumored to take rise when Kevin, the father of two children, was recently spotted in public with the HipHop: Miami’s Jojo Zarur. 

As confirmed by either of the couples, they have called it quits. 

Dreka Gates is a successful businesswoman. Apart from his prosperous fortune through her business, she is an Instagram star and founder of the Wellness Brand Dreka Wellness. 

Furthermore, she is the co-founder of the cannabis brand BE Provisions. Her profile has more to share as she is the co-founder of a record label, Bread Winner’s Association. 

In a 2019 interview with HNHH, Dreka, a 35-year-old businesswoman, says that she does not intend to be discussed as Kevin Gates’s wife. 

She says, “I just want people to know me as Dreka: this f**king strong businesswoman, this cool-ass mom. I wanna be known as that person. An entrepreneur. I’m not a f**king housewife.

She added, “I definitely don’t sit at the f**king house all day and get my hair and nails and makeup done and just walk around looking sexy. I would love to live that life, but that’s not my life. Bitch, I f**king work!

As for her past relationship history, she was in a 13-year relationship with Kevin before they finally tied the knot. The couple married each other on Oct 17, 2015.

Today, the couple has successfully completed 7 years of their marriage.