Drake Maye Girlfriend: Meet Ann Michael Hudson Aka AMH

drake maye girlfriend

Drake Maye Girlfriend is having a great time with him, just like he is having a good season on the field. Despite the team’s recent decline, Maye has led them to a respectable season. 

Recently, Maye shared a lovely photo of himself and Ann Michael Hudson on social media. Maye has captured the public’s attention due to his friendship with AMH. 

The journey from high school acquaintances to college sweethearts is nothing short of endearing, even though details about her remain somewhat mysterious. 

Let’s take a peek at this couple and explore their romance more.

Drake Maye girlfriend

During his high school years, Drake Maye encountered the woman who would later become his beloved girlfriend, Ann Michael Hudson. 

Even though the specifics of their initial encounter remain unknown, it’s evident that they immediately clicked as friends. As their relationship developed, love blossomed. 

Following their shared high school experience, they both enrolled at the University of North Carolina to embark on a new chapter in their lives.

Although many people are captivated by the love tale of AMH and Drake Maye, details about AMH remain somewhat mysterious.

People often refer to her by just her initials, leaving admirers intrigued about who Drake Maye’s girlfriend is. 

Drake Maye girlfriend active membership in the UNC Beta Chi sorority, indicating her involvement in campus life, suggests that she is in her early 20s. 

Despite her preference for keeping her social media accounts private, Drake’s Instagram images and stories reveal the influence she exerts on his life.

drake maye girlfriend

Details about Drake Maye girlfriend

AMH, Drake Maye’s girlfriend, is a UNC-Chapel Hill Beta Chi sorority member. In 2021, she enrolled in the college. They bonded nicely after becoming buddies in high school.

On his Instagram stories and posts, Drake has been sharing AMH. He posts her on Valentine’s Day and never fails to wish her a happy birthday.

You can find Maye’s partner on Instagram by following @amh811. She has 55 posts and 3,000 followers. But as of right now, AMH’s social media accounts are private.

AMH decided to enroll at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill after the QB did.

Their relationship timeline 

Drake initially made his partner’s identity known to the public via his Instagram name on New Year’s Eve 2020.

The US football player shared a photo of himself with AMH. She is shown in the photo, giving him a firm hug while grinning broadly.

“Bringing in ’20 with a 10” was what he captioned. On August 12, 2021, the Tar Heels quarterback wished his true love a happy 18th birthday.

As the pair prepared to go on prom, he shared a photo of them. He added in the caption that it was AMH’s first day in college.