All About Dr Victor Chang Wife, Net Worth, And Children

dr victor chang wife

Dr Victor Chang wife, the lady behind the successful surgeon. A well-known cardiac surgeon from Australia. 

After his tragic death in 1991, Victor Chang, an Australian pioneer in modern heart transplantation, left behind an enduring legacy of medical breakthroughs and philanthropy. 

His wife, English-born nurse Ann Simmons, was by his side. This essay explores their shared lives.

In addition, Dr. Chang participated in the first successful heart relocation in Australia in 1984 and assisted in the establishment of the Public Heart Relocate Program in Sydney.

Dr Victor Chang wife Ann Simmons

When Ann Simmons, an Englishwoman by birth, met Victor Chang in 1966, she was a licensed practical nurse. 

Chang was the emergency physician on call at St. Anthony’s Hospital in North Cheam, London, where they met. 

Simmons had gone to the doctor after feeling ill at a social event. They clicked right away, and before long, they were married. 

She was Chang’s constant support system during his career, which took him to the United States for training at the esteemed Mayo Clinic and then to Australia to join the cardiothoracic team at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney.

Victor Chang’s coworkers described Simmons as a “delightful woman” who showed immense commitment to her husband and his career.

Dr Victor Chang Wife

She also focused her energies on charitable endeavors, such as the Victor Chang Foundation, which Chang founded in 1986 to raise money for cardiovascular disease research and education.

Following Chang’s passing, Simmons persisted in supporting the foundation and was instrumental in the 1994 founding of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, which honored her late husband’s life and contributions.

Dr Victor Chang children

The couple raised three children together named Vanessa, Matthew, and Marcus. With a Chinese father and an English mother, the kids grew up in a very multicultural atmosphere. 

Along with taking up their parents’ passion for helping others, Vanessa, Matthew, and Marcus are pursuing careers in engineering, law, and medicine, respectively.

The children were incredibly proud of their father’s commitment and achievements. They were struck by his untimely demise and reeled from the loss. 

Vanessa said that she felt as though their “entire world had been snatched away.” Like Vanessa, Matthew, 17, and Marcus, 15, referred to their father as their “hero” and “mentor,” respectively.

Her English family has deep connections to Yorkshire. She had an English brother, John, and an Australian-based cousin, Peter Simmons, who was a personal friend of Victor Chang and a journalist.

Simmons accepted her husband’s Chinese heritage, picking up Mandarin and making several trips to China to visit Chang’s family. 

She talked about how much she loved China and how it was like a second home to her.

Ann Simmons was a remarkable woman who unwaveringly supported her husband in his ideas of charitable giving and life-saving medical advancement. 

She was a compassionate and caring mother who brought up their kids well. Many people are still motivated by her elegance and tenacity.

News of Ann Simmons’s death becomes viral online

Dr. Victor Chang married Ann Simmons, with whom he co-founded their organization. Now that the news of Ann’s passing has gone viral, everyone on the internet is curious to learn more.

However, none of the verified media outlets have confirmed anything regarding this matter.

As mentioned before, Dr. Chang passed away in 1991, and his better half, Ann, was devastated upon learning the dreadful news.