Diving Deeper into the Mind of Duke Depp: The Willy Wonka of TikTok


Duke Depp was not always a Tik Tok creator. In fact, he started out as a wedding photographer at the age of 15 where he quickly grew a social media following. His skills and popularity motivated him to graduate from high school two years early to travel the world and take photos. Just to name a few, the Salt Lake City native traveled to New York, Banff, Toronto, Greece, Hawaii, and Chicago. Then at the age of 19, he started his Tik Tok page for everyone’s favorite chocolatier, Willy Wonka, and then grew as a content creator on both Tik Tok, Instagram and Youtube. 

Duke takes Willy Wonka’s character and brings him into a world outside of the chocolate factory, the ever-trending social media app, Tiktok. He grew creative and perfected his impersonation to bring content that isn’t typical of the chocolatier. However, he spices up all of his videos and live streams by interacting with the viewers to give them Willy Wonka with all the newest trends; from dancing to hair dying. It also helps that he can manipulate his voice to sound just like Willy Wonka, often recreating viewers favorite scenes from the movie. It’s not often that you see a famous character’s doppelgänger, who sounds exactly like them too. 

@willywonkatiktokwhen the chocolate buisness dies down ##willywonka♬ original sound – velogrande

The viewers don’t only show their love by providing his over 3 million followers, but by comments on both videos and livestreams, and responding to videos with videos of their own (also known as dueting in the world of Tik Tok). One fan requested a pink haired Willy Wonka presence and he did just that. Some fans every confess their love to both Willy Wonka and Duke Depp. Others express their laughs and appreciation for a flashback of their childhood. 

Although Willy Wonka releases 1-5 videos every day, Duke does not see it as a job but instead a lifestyle where he enjoys making people smile and gets a kick out of their reactions. Duke is so frequently in and out of character so much that his true identity is starting to morph into the alternate identity of Willy Wonka, and he’s not even mad!