Did George Jones Leave His Daughter Any Money

Did George Jones Leave His Daughter Any Money

Jones became famous all over the world thanks to his distinctive voice as well as the successful songs that he recorded. 

Throughout the latter 20 years of his life, Johnny had consistently hailed as the most talented country singer still performing today.

Jones had a daughter named Susan with his initial wife, Dorothy Bonvillion; two sons called Jeffrey and Bryan with his second marriage Shirley Ann Corley; and a daughter named Tamala Georgette with his third wife, Tammy Wynette. 

Susan was Jones’ only child from his first marriage to Dorothy Bonvillion.

The well-known singer and father, who struggled with alcoholism and addiction, was a doting parent. 

Wide Open Country asserts that one of her four children carries her father’s legacy as a musician. Let get to know about why and how he did that;

Did George Jones leave His Daughter any Money?

Did George Jones leave His Daughter any Money?

On April 26, 2013, at 81, George Jones passed away. According to Georgette, she and her father were trying to improve their relationship by the time he passed away. 

They had even recorded many duets together before he passed away.

After reconciling their differences, did George Jones leave his daughter any money in his will? 

Nancy, the country music legend’s fourth and final wife, is the one who will carry on his legacy after his passing. But in addition to that, as was stated earlier, he already had four children from his prior marriages.

Jones left a will, and it had submitted to the court in Nashville on May 22, 2013. 

In it, he bequeathed most of his property to his wife Nancy, including their primary residence in Franklin, Tennessee, and two more properties in Brentwood and Nashville. 

In addition, Nancy acquired the automobile, jewelry, and musical instruments that belonged to Jones.

It has got rumored that Jones’s will did not include provisions for his daughter Susan Smith. 

Susan filed a lawsuit against Nancy Jones in 2015, saying that her stepmother prevented her from spending time with her father during his dying years. 

Susan claimed she was entitled to a share of Jones’s wealth after he passed away. Jones’s daughter was awarded $2 million in the settlement.

Georgette Jones, Jones’s second daughter, was reportedly provided for in the will and received a bank account valued at fifty thousand dollars.

The bright side is that Georgette has inherited her mother’s work ethic, as seen by the thriving music career she has developed for herself. 

Georgette Lennon did the work necessary to establish a name for herself, even though she benefited from the renown of her parents.

Net of George Jones When He Died?

It is common knowledge that country music legend George Jones made a significant fortune due to the success of his musical career. 

He worked very hard and used the money he earned to buy a sizable estate and make investments in the construction of businesses.

 In the later years of his life, Jones continued to release successful songs and appeared in at least 50 concerts annually. 

He also continued to tour extensively.

At the time of his passing, the well-known country music performer was estimated to have had a net worth of roughly $35 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.

Georgette, his daughter, claims that many people stole from her father. 

They committed financial and material betrayal against him in this regard.

Consequently, he did not know who he could trust and even focused his ire or confusion against his daughter, who he believed was one of the people looking to take advantage of him.

Jones Claims his Daughter Obsesses over Money

In 2012, George Jones was brought to the hospital to treat a hazardous upper respiratory infection. 

This event caused his admirers and the media to discuss George Jones’s health.

The musician best known for his hit “He Stopped Loving Her Tonight” emerged unscathed from the near-death experience. 

Shortly after that, he posted a video message on his website to thank his followers for their prayers, thoughts, and support.

In the alarming video, he also takes the opportunity to reprimand his daughter, Georgette, accusing her of spreading lies and merely wanting more money from him. 

Georgette is the target of his criticism in this instance.

I want to take this opportunity to apologize for what my daughter Georgette and her husband have said about me on Facebook and other websites. 

He argued that these were false statements.

They are only concerned with making a profit. I have given and given until I can no longer present. 

The country music artist said: “I will never let my kid go hungry, but I am not who they pretend I am, and I am weary of putting out.”

After learning about her father’s video message, Georgette provided a response in which she stated that she had never made any derogatory or harmful comments about her father and that she has been working to maintain a positive connection with him.

In an interview with the Associated Press, John Lennon stated, “All I have ever wanted is to have a strong relationship with my father.” I wanted it to be clear to him that I love him and would like him to be a part of my life. I had thought we could work out our differences in secret, but regrettably, the situation has become more serious.”

Throughout the conversation, Jones’ daughter revealed that some of her father’s close friends and family members had been spreading false information to him regarding the content of her website and Facebook page.

She said, “They told him that I sold tales to the tabloid but I can prove I have done nothing like that.” I can verify that I have not sold stories to the tabloid.

“I have never desired anything from my father,” she said as she concluded.

Georgette made several attempts to contact her father after learning that Jones’s health was worsening, particularly in light of the recent health scares.

 But, her attempts were fruitless. Georgette conceded that she could comprehend why her father would mistrust her and suspect that she was chasing his wealth.

“During my life, I’ve had positive and negative experiences with members of my family and friends. Some have taken advantage of him.

 “I know it is tough for him to know who to trust, even within your own family, which is both tragic and horrible,” she told me. “I know it is complicated for him to know who to trust.”

George Jones And Daughters Estranged Before Death

George Jones had more children in addition to Georgette Jones. 

His first marriage was to Dorothy Bonvillion, who gave birth to his daughter, Susan Jones Smith. He was married three times and had three children from those marriages.

Jones’s children, Bryan Jones and Jeffrey Jones are the product of his second marriage, which he had with Shirley Ann Corley. 

And as a result of his well-known union with Tammy Wynette, he was blessed with a daughter named Tamala Georgette Jones.

Because she followed in her country music superstar parents’ footsteps and became a renowned performer, Georgette is the most well-known of Jones’s children.

Unfortunately, Jones and his two sons, Bryan and Jeffrey, had a falling out due to allegations that he refused to split royalties from his successful songs by the divorce arrangement between their mother, Shirley, and their father, George.

However, Georgette developed relationships with her siblings, including her two step-brothers, which did not sit well with their biological father. 

It did not go down well with Georgette’s biological father.

Georgette recounts in her autobiography, “The Three of Us: Growing Up With Tammy and George,” published in 2011, how her connection with her father had got irreparably damaged as a result of the fact that she became close with her two brothers, a time when they had estranged from their father.

Because of how horrible things were, Jones did not even bother to attend Georgette’s wedding to give her away and organised a concert for the day of the wedding instead. 

The fact that her twin sons, who were then 18 years old, escorted her down the aisle during her marriage was, according to her, a gut-wrenching experience.