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Diana Lovejoy: Her Life & Mystery Of Husband Murder

Diana Lovejoy Her Life & Mystery Of Husband Murder

Inmates serve time, and Diana Lovejoy is currently doing hers. In late 2016, she gained notoriety after she and a firearms instructor and ex-marine named Weldon McDavid planned to murder her then-estranged husband, Greg Mulvihill. 

Mulvihill was the target of an assassination plan hatched in September 2016 by Lovejoy and McDavid, a cheating ex-couple.

Lovejoy and her ex-husband Mulvihill were in the middle of a bitter divorce and custody fight when the shooting occurred. 

Since the incident, the case has received widespread media attention, with several photographs and tales worthy of front-page treatment emerging directly from the court system.

Find out all that went down, from Lovejoy’s origins to her affair with McDavid to Greg’s involvement, in an unfiltered account.

Diana Lovejoy Early Life – (Pre Jail Life and Work)

Diana’s great-grandmother was reportedly Native American, though details concerning her family tree and ancestry are sketchy at best. Diana Lovejoy, now 50 years old, was reportedly born on October 26, 1972.

Lovejoy is a native of Carlsbad, California. This UCDAI student is a former triathlete and software technical writer (the University Of California At Davis).

After finishing college, she found work as a technical writer for Nokia. You praised her for her exceptional understanding of how various technologies are being used in the current world.

In addition to being a superb corporate employee, Lovejoy’s online presence was also significant. Diana was a fitness instructor and YouTube sensation because she shared her experience of losing weight online.

She previously shared video recipes that you could make in a flash. In reality, in 2010, Diana established an effort called “The Eating Plan.”

Participants in this program saw an improvement in their ability to control their blood sugar levels. She provided an example food plan as part of this.

Diana Lovejoy’s Husband Murder Plot

First of September, 2016. According to their inquiries, Mulvihill received a phone call from McDavid, who allegedly posed as a private investigator with proof of wrongdoing against Mulvihill.

Case of Diana Lovejoy: Who Was Guilty?

You informed Lovejoy’s husband that he would leave evidence on a pole in a remote dirt trail off the road in Carlsbad, California. Mulvihill then asked a neighbor to join him, got a flashlight and his son’s mini-baseball bat, and set off down the lonely path.

When Mulvihill and his neighbor got there, they heard a flash of gunfire and a stir in the bushes. Shot in the side, Mulvihill managed to pull through.

Greg Mulvihill, Diana’s ex-husband, made it.

Greg aimed for a lamp, but the bullet missed and impacted him in the back, just below his left armpit. Authorities were able to solve the plot after the shooting.

Investigators watched surveillance footage showing Lovejoy buying the burner phone McDavid had used to call Mulvihill.

Diana Lovejoy and her ex-husband, Greg Mulvihill, are both originally from Carlsbad and serving time in prison.

The AR-15-style gun used to shoot Mulvihill was also recovered from McDavid’s garage.

Police say Lovejoy plotted to pay McDavid $2,000 and drove him to the shooting scene.

The Jury watched the security footage of Diana buying a Tracfone at Best Buy on August 15, 2016. Weldon used the same phone to call Greg on September 1.

Additionally, McDavid’s DNA was discovered by the authorities close to the crime scene. Later, he admitted that he had relieved himself in the woods. After relieving himself in a bush, Weldon wiped his derriere with a towel. Police then used the fabric to collect his DNA.

Case of Diana Lovejoy: Who Was Guilty?

But throughout the two-week trial in Vista, California, attorneys for Lovejoy and McDavid testified that their clients never intended to kill Mulvihill. Despite McDavid firing multiple rounds at him, one of which struck him in the side, he could escape harm.

An ex-firearms instructor named Weldon McDavid and Greg’s ex-wife Diana Lovejoy. The woman who tried to assassinate Diana Lovejoy and Weldon McDavid.

In his defense, Diana’s adulterous boyfriend said that he would not have missed Mulvihill if he had planned to murder him.

“I could hit that person – center mass – 100 yards away without any issue,” the California trainer testified. And he added, Mr. Mulvihill would already be dead if I had planned to murder him. That you will fix this on appeal is my only remaining option.

Some witnesses claimed that Weldon couldn’t have missed from so close, but the Jury didn’t believe them.

McDavid said he shot Mulvihill after Lovejoy said her ex-husband had been abusing their son. However, no evidence of such abuse seemed to be presented in court. Diana’s eyes filled with tears informed the Judge that she could never consider taking her son’s father away from him.

Without explaining what she meant by “higher reality,” the mother of one son expressed the wish that “the higher reality of what we planned to do comes out, and I believe it will somebody.”

What Did the Judge Rule?

Nonetheless, the Jury reached a unanimous verdict that McDavid, at around 11 p.m. on September 1, 2016, on a dark dirt path in Carlsbad, shot Greg Mulvihill.

Reed, one of the Jurors, stated that the defendants’ explanations for what had happened didn’t make any sense and were too unbelievable to be consistent with reality. One juror commented that Lovejoy’s aunt’s testimony was quite convincing. 

She stated Lovejoy had asked her a year before the incident whether she knew someone who could threaten or kill her husband.

Additionally, McDavid had previously assisted a different Carlsbad woman, Crystal Harris, two years before the shooting event. She had also accused her husband of horrible things. 

As for co-defendant Weldon McDavid Jr., the Jury found him guilty on all counts and charges, including attempted murder.

How long did Diana and her boyfriend spend in prison?

In November 2016, a judge found Weldon McDavid and Diana Lovejoy guilty of conspiring to murder Lovejoy’s ex-husband for money. The former put his head in his hands, closed his eyes, and sobbed while his loved ones looked on after hearing the decision.

McDavid claimed he felt more remorse for cheating on his wife than for the conduct that landed him behind bars. He is currently incarcerated at the California Institution for Men in Chino, where he is serving a term of 50 years to life. 

Alternatively, Lovejoy, his ex-lover, was given a sentence of 26 years to life in prison. You compelled both of them to pay Greg punitive damages of $500,000 by the court.

After hearing her sentence, Diana Lovejoy fainted.

Lovejoy lost consciousness in the Vista courtroom after hearing the verdict of her conviction. Judge Sim von Kalinowski quickly evacuated the courtroom so the recently convicted man could get medical assistance. 

Later on, while Lovejoy was lying on the floor waiting for help to arrive, Fox 5 reporter Jamie Chambers, a lifeguard, and emergency medical technician, came to her aid.

According to Chambers, Greg’s ex-wife passed out but regained consciousness when he left her side. He speculated that Lovejoy had blacked out from shock. 

The court session continued after paramedics had taken her to the hospital.

The motive behind Diana Lovejoy’s attempt to murder her husband, Greg.

Diana’s hatred toward her ex-husband may have begun when they had a child. The pair chose to divorce, and it has since come to light that the divorce circumstances were a major motivating factor for the Carlsbad native to plot and execute the murder of her ex-husband, Mulvihill.

Diana Lovejoy received 26 years in prison for trying to kill her ex-husband during her trial. Lovejoy and Greg Mulvihill were also in the midst of a contentious custody battle for their son, with allegations of abuse and drug use fueling the court struggle.

It was approaching a climax, with the ex-couple gaining split custody and an agreement that Lovejoy would pay Mulvihill $120,000. Some insiders claim that Lovejoy was not pleased with the 50/50 custody split and the $120,000 payment to Mulvihill. 

However, the jury forewoman also claimed that the ex-wife didn’t want to split custody and didn’t want to give her husband $120,000.

Carlsbad Police Department Sergeant Darbie Ernst said in an interview with PEOPLE that she retaliated by hiring her ex-lover McDavid to “remove the problem.” Lovejoy was scheduled to pay the sum a few weeks after Mulvihill was shot.

Diana’s Relationship With Ex-Husband

In 2005, Diana is said to have met her now ex-husband Greg on a dating website. They started dating in 2010, married in 2012 and had a kid the following year. They had several fights while married. 

In 2014, for instance, Diana accused Greg of raping and drugging her while unconscious. She had taken legal action against her ex-spouse, filing for a temporary restraining order.

Her Affair With Weldon McDavid \sLovejoy met McDavid at Iron Sights shooting range in Oceanside, where he worked. It’s been established that McDavid is a former California weapons instructor.

McDavid testified that he met Diana Lovejoy in 2015 while working at an indoor shooting range. The two of them quickly developed a mutually beneficial friendship after that.

Where is Diana Lovejoy Today?

Since Feb 2018, Diana has been in the Women’s Prison in Chowchilla and can be eligible for launch in 2036.

While there hasn’t been a dramatic adaptation of Diana Lovejoy, Weldon McDavid, and Greg Mulvihill, documentary director Robert Ivkovic did release the aggregation of the material and interviews from the case in Sep 2018, titling it Snapped.